Werdhi Cultural Garden Art Center : Tracing the Footsteps of Cultural Wisdom in Inspiring Space

Werdhi Cultural Garden Art Center, now known as Bali Art Center, is a testament to the dedication of Bali's first Governor, Ida Bagus Mantra, towards the preservation of Balinese art and cultural heritage. He lovingly donated about 5 hectares of his private property to create a place to preserve Balinese arts and cultural customs, and also involve the younger generation in its preservation efforts amidst the increasing influx of foreign cultures.

Jun 22, 2024 - 05:03
Dec 16, 2023 - 22:46
Werdhi  Cultural Garden Art Center : Tracing the Footsteps of Cultural Wisdom in Inspiring Space

Werdhi Cultural Garden Art Center(source : personal collection)

The complex, located on Jl. Nusa Indah No.1, Sumerta, East Denpasar, offers a mesmerizing experience with traditional Balinese architecture surrounding beautiful gardens and a river running through the center. With a land area of about five hectares, the Bali Art Center is not only a place for art preservation, but also an object that can lift the economy of the Balinese people, especially in Denpasar with its uniqueness.

Taman Beji Temple(source : personal collection)

In the complex pictured above, there are sacred buildings such as Taman Beji Temple, Bale Selonding, and Bale Pepaosan. These places are often used as a place to hold Hindu traditional ceremonies and a place for Hindu worship. There is also a quiet building complex that includes the Widya Kusuma Library, which houses the rich history of Bali.

Ksirarnawa Stage (source : personal collection)

There is also a semi-crowded building complex that contains the Sculpture Studio, Mahudara Exhibition Building, Craft Building, Wisma Seni, and Wantilan as a place for Balinese art exhibitions. The open-air Ardha Candra Stage and the covered Ksirarnawa Stage, located south of the river, attract many visitors with frequent art exhibitions, creating a lively and pleasant atmosphere.

Every detail, from carvings to furniture, reflects the unique Balinese aesthetic and provides a great visual experience, especially for visitors coming from outside Bali. While wandering around the Bali Art Center complex, visitors can find beautiful ornaments on each building, which have their own unique meaning. Werdhi Cultural Garden Art Cente also hosts annual events such as the Bali Arts Festival which is usually held in mid-June-July, with performing arts events such as Joged Bung-bung, Bondres Dance, wayang, gamelan, and many more. This event involves not only Balinese artists, but also art ambassadors from all regencies in Bali, and also from abroad to participate in enlivening this event.

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