The Twin Trees of Mount Chess: The Myth and Magic Behind Bali's Natural Beauty

Known for the unique twin trees on its slopes, Mount Catur in Bali makes for unforgettable natural beauty. Aside from their stunning shape, these trees also have lush and vibrant leaf colors. Besides being a stunning tourist attraction, these trees also reflect the deep connection between man, nature and spirituality in Bali.

Dec 17, 2023 - 11:54
Sep 30, 2023 - 01:05
The Twin Trees of Mount Chess: The Myth and Magic Behind Bali's Natural Beauty
Mountain Catur (Source : Personal Collection)

Mount Catur, located in Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency, Bali, has long been an integral part of the island's identity. In Bali's faith-rich culture, the mountain is considered sacred and revered, not only for its captivating beauty, but also for its important role in the stories and myths that surround it. 

One of the highlights of Gunung Catur is the presence of sturdy twin trees on its slopes. These trees, known as "twin trees," create a truly unique and marvelous sight. They lend a magical touch to this already spectacular natural beauty and are a major attraction for visitors from all over the world. 

When you first see these twin trees, what will inevitably cross your mind is how rare and unusual this sight is. With their girdled branches and intertwined roots, they give the impression that they are growing together in perfect harmony under Bali's warm sunshine. These trees remind us that nature can often create wonders beyond human imagination. 

Not only are they stunningly shaped, these twin trees also have green and lush leaves, creating a powerful atmosphere of life and energy. When the wind blows, their leaves produce a soft sound that seems to welcome visitors to the warmth of nature. Among the leaves of the twin trees, you can find small creatures nesting, adding to the magical and mysterious feel of the place.

Big Tree on The Hiking (Source : Personal Collection)

As the sun sets and night falls on Mount Catur, these majestic twin trees become the site of myths and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. For the Balinese, the twin trees are not only a symbol of natural beauty, but also a place full of mystery and magic. 

The twin trees on Mount Catur are clear evidence of how nature and culture are intertwined in the daily lives of Balinese people. In Bali's faith-laden culture, these trees are revered as living entities and believed to have a role in maintaining natural and spiritual balance. This also reflects the deep respect for nature and the environment in Bali. 

The twin trees are not only an amazing natural attraction, but also a window into the beliefs, values and legends that make up Balinese culture. For those who want to explore Bali's natural beauty and feel the magical aura of Mount Catur, visiting the twin trees is an unforgettable experience. Its easily accessible location from various popular tourist areas in Bali makes it an ideal destination. When you decide to explore the beauty of the twin trees, make sure you are in good physical condition, wear appropriate clothing, bring comfortable shoes, and enough drinking water. Also, it is important to always respect the natural environment and local culture during your visit.

Trail Hiking Trails (Source : Personal Collection)

The twin trees of Mount Chess are not just a tourist attraction or an interesting element of nature. They are also an integral part of the lives of the surrounding community, and the beliefs that have developed around these trees form a deep connection between man and nature. 

For the local community, the twin trees are considered the abode of sacred spirits who guard and protect Mount Catur and the island of Bali as a whole. Their respect for these trees is reflected in the religious ceremonies and offerings they hold periodically. When the sun rises or the moon is full, locals gather around the twin trees to pray, meditate, and make offerings as a sign of respect. 

This belief is also reflected in the way the local people care for the nature around the twin trees. They pay great attention to keeping the environment clean and sustainable. These trees are considered members of an extended family, and acts that damage the surrounding nature are considered a taboo. 

In addition, twin trees also have a role in divination and traditional Balinese medicine. Some locals seek advice from shamans or spiritual experts who believe that twin trees have deep insights into the future and health. In some cases, twin trees are also considered a source of healing energy. 

Through a deeper understanding of the local community's belief in the twin trees at Gunung Catur, we can see the extent of the relationship between humans, nature and spirituality in Bali. These beliefs not only reflect respect for nature, but also help maintain the balance of the island's fragile ecosystem.