Dadong Guliang: The Mysterious Mystic Grandmother of Bali

Dadong Guliang is a mystical grandmother figure who poses an intriguing mystery in Akah Village, Bali. She was born before the era of independence and is known to possess the knowledge of Kamoksan, which allows the separation of the soul and body. This article unveils her life story, mystical powers, and their impact on the local community. Dadong Guliang's grave also holds extraordinary powers, such as soothing a crying baby, which has earned her the respect of many.

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Dadong Guliang: The Mysterious Mystic Grandmother of Bali
Dadong Guliang's Grave (Source: Editor's Collection)

The island of Bali, with its rich culture and unique traditions, has always been a repository of intriguing mystical tales. One such standout story revolves around a mystical grandmother known as Dadong Guliang. Her enigmatic presence has long been a topic of conversation and mystery among the residents of Akah Village in Bali. In this article, we will delve into the stories surrounding Dadong Guliang.

The Mystery of a Grandmother Known as Dadong Guliang

In various regions of Bali, the term used to address a grandmother varies, such as Nini, Nenek, Mbah, and others. However, in Akah Village, this grandmother has a special name, Dadong Guliang. The term "Dadong" itself originates from the Balinese language and means "grandmother." The story of Dadong Guliang is fascinating because she was born before the era of independence, and her age remains a well-guarded secret. Whenever asked about her age, Dadong Guliang confidently states that she is in her 70s, even though for the past three years, she has claimed to be 73 years old. The truth about her actual age remains a mystery, much like the simplicity of the thoughts of many women from bygone eras.

However, the uniqueness of Dadong Guliang lies not in her mysterious age but in the knowledge she possesses. She is known as a powerful woman with expertise in Kamoksan, a high-level skill that allows the separation of soul and body. She is revered and believed in by the people of Akah Village in Klungkung, Bali, who consider her Moksa knowledge to be still alive and active.

The Mystical Powers of Dadong Guliang and Her Grave

According to stories circulating among the locals, Dadong Guliang's presence in Akah Village is believed to possess extraordinary mystical powers. One intriguing tale revolves around her ability to soothe a crying baby who cannot be comforted. Parents of a distressed baby will touch the earth from Dadong Guliang's grave and apply it to the baby's forehead. Miraculously, the baby's cries immediately cease, as if a magical force emanates from the grave.

Dadong Guliang's grave itself is an immensely sacred place. Located in Pakraman Akah Village, Klungkung District, the grave measures only about 3 meters by 3 meters. Despite its small size, the grave features a monument used for offerings like "banten sodan" and "banten saiban." According to Pamangku Pura Puseh of Pakaraman Akah Village, Jro Mangku Wayan Diasna, Dadong Guliang's grave is renowned for its eerie ambiance and is believed to possess a mystical dimension that is beneficial in various aspects of life. Notably, several public figures have visited this grave, including the famous television presenter and comedian Tukul Arwana, who filmed a segment at the location.

The Life Journey of Dadong Guliang

The origin of the name "Guliang" is said to be from a village in Bangli. Unfortunately, she was not warmly received in her hometown, leading her to decide to move and settle in Akah Village, specifically in the Hyangapi hamlet. Her decision to relocate adds another layer of intrigue to the captivating story surrounding Dadong Guliang.

The Sacred Grave and Mystical Springs

Dadong Guliang's Grave (Source: Editor's Collection)

In addition to Dadong Guliang's grave, there are stories of springs believed to be associated with the grave. These springs are situated on the banks of the Guliang River and are considered to have a connection to Dadong Guliang's presence. There are two springs, one designated for men and the other for women. Local residents use these springs for purification baths but are careful not to defile or damage the area. For example, it is strictly prohibited to place undergarments on the stone adorned with offerings.

Miracles and Beliefs Surrounding Dadong Guliang

The deep-rooted belief in Dadong Guliang's mystical power and her grave's Moksa knowledge has earned her immense respect from the people of Akah Village and its surroundings. They believe that the grave and her Kamoksan expertise possess the power to perform miracles, grant healing, and bring prosperity. Numerous stories exist of individuals receiving help and recovery from Dadong Guliang. For instance, a child with a head tumor sought healing at Dadong Guliang's grave, and a woman prayed for the ability to conceive and successfully became pregnant. Yet, one fascinating aspect is the account of a local resident who dared not touch a fallen branch from a morinda tree near the grave, fearing its mystical effects.

The Family's Commitment to Preserve the Grave and Springs

The family of I Ketut Kontan, who owns Dadong Guliang's grave behind their home, is committed to maintaining the grave and springs. While they have not personally witnessed any mystical occurrences at the site, they have experienced some unusual events, such as a television crew member purportedly becoming possessed by the spirit of Dadong Guliang during a shoot.

As time goes on, the family's commitment to this endeavor grows stronger. They regularly offer rituals and maintain Dadong Guliang's grave and springs. Season after season, this family continues to perform ceremonies at the site as a form of respect and devotion to Dadong Guliang and the mystical powers she represents.

Dadong Guliang is one of the captivating mysteries that enrich the cultural tapestry and traditions of Bali. While her age remains undisclosed, and her Kamoksan expertise shrouded in mystery, the profound belief in and mystical powers of Dadong Guliang have made her a highly respected figure in Akah Village and its vicinity. The miracles associated with Dadong Guliang's grave and springs stand as powerful evidence of the deep-seated faith in the mystical and spiritual elements within Balinese culture. This article aims to provide insight into Bali's rich and unique culture, along with the enigmatic mysteries that accompany it.