Benefits of Sembung Leaves as a Medicine for Heat and Malaria

Sembung leaves have been used as traditional medicine for a very long time. This leaf is known as a herbal medicine that can treat various diseases. In Lontar Taru Permana, Sembung leaves are used as a medicine for fever and malaria. Sembung leaves are shrubs belonging to the Lamiaceae family. This plant has distinctive morphological characteristics and has a long history of use as a traditional medicinal plant.

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Benefits of Sembung Leaves as a Medicine for Heat and Malaria
Sembung leaves (Photo Source: Author's Collection)

Bali is a tourist destination that has a variety of traditional foods and drinks. The traditional drink in Bali is known as loloh. Loloh contains antioxidants which can be used to cure diseases and provide a feeling of relaxation. Loloh has become a brand in certain areas in Bali, such as the Panglipuran area, Bangli which is famous for loloh cemcem. The loloh made by Balinese people generally comes from plant extracts that are based on Usada palm leaves, so there are many plants that have the potential to be developed as traditional drinks besides the cemcem plant. One of the plants that has been researched to have antioxidant activity and has properties as a functional drink is the sembung plant.


Sembung leaves (Photo Source: Author's Collection)

Loloh sembung has properties as a fever medicine and antihypertensive. Sembung is a shrub that grows upright, can reach 4 meters in height, has soft woody stems and fine hairs. The leaves are single, the leaf shape is ovate to oval, the base and tip are sharp, the edge of the leaf is serrated, the upper surface of the leaf has slightly rough and stiff hairs and the lower part has fine hairs like velvet. The leaves emit a camphor-like aroma when crushed. This plant grows in areas at altitudes up to 2,200 meters above sea level. Propagation can be done by seeds or by separating shoots that come out of the roots. This plant can grow both in open areas and in somewhat protected places, often growing on riverbanks, fields, yards, both on sandy land and slightly wet soil.

Balinese people use medicinal plants as loloh, guided by the lontar usada taru pramana. Lontar usada taru pramana is a treatment text (usada) in the form of a dialogue in which the method of treatment is expressed. One type of medicinal plant found in the usada taru pramana lontar is sembung. This medicinal plant is used to maintain and restore health. Balinese people usually consume loloh sembung leaves to treat heartburn.

Sembung leaves are said to have various health properties, such as being a diuretic (facilitating urination) and to treat health problems such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections and respiratory problems. Sembung leaves have been used traditionally as a herbal medicine for various health problems. Here are some of the health benefits attributed to sembung leaves:


Sembung leaves have diuretic properties, which means they can help facilitate urination. This is useful in treating problems such as edema (fluid buildup in the body) and hypertension.

Kidney Stone Treatment

Some people use sembung leaves as a traditional treatment for kidney stones. The natural diuretic in these leaves can help dissolve the crystals that make up kidney stones.

Urinary tract infection

Sembung leaves are also used in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Its diuretic properties can help remove bacteria and toxins from the urinary tract.


Boiled Water from Sembung Leaves (Photo Source: Author's Collection)


Processing Method Based on Disease

Processing of sembung leaves can vary depending on the disease you want to treat. Here are some general ways to process sembung leaves based on the type of disease:

Edema and Hypertension :

  • Take a handful of fresh sembung leaves.
  • Boil in water until boiling for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Strain the boiled water and drink it as tea.
  • Consume regularly for better results.

Kidney stones :

  •  Dry the sembung leaves well.
  •  Crush or crush the dry leaves into a fine powder.
  •  Mix sembung leaf powder with water and drink. This can help dissolve kidney stones.

Urinary tract infection :

  •  Boil fresh sembung leaves in water for a few minutes.
  •  Strain the boiled water and drink it as tea.
  •  Consume regularly to help treat urinary tract infections.

Respiratory Problems :

  •  Take fresh sembung leaves.
  •  Crush the leaves and inhale the steam to relieve respiratory problems.
  •  Several cases report the use of sembung leaves in treating respiratory problems such as coughs and colds.