Ida Ratu Ayu Mas Manik Anglayang: Kite Janggan as Protector of YangBatu Kangin

Ida Betara Ratu Ayu Mas Manik Anglayang, who was formerly the tapel (head) of the janggan kite, is now revered by the banjar yangbatu kangin krama. The tapel was elevated because one day when the janggan kite was raised and the kite gave off quite a bright light, and also the janggan kite protected the manners of Banjar Yangbatu Kangin from the disease outbreak which at that time was an outbreak of smallpox and measles.

Oct 17, 2023 - 06:54
Sep 25, 2023 - 20:54
Ida Ratu Ayu Mas Manik Anglayang: Kite Janggan as Protector of YangBatu Kangin
Ida Ratu Ayu Mas Manik Anglayang (Photo Source: Author's Collection)

Regarding the janggan krama kite, Banjar Yangbatu Kangin has a quite unique story. In the 1900s, the Krama Banjar Yangbatu Kangin made janggan kites that had a body width of around four meters, with a tail length of around seventy-five meters and a tail width of five meters. The color of the kite is that the body of the kite is white and the kekondo or neck is red, and the tail is red, white and black.

The tapel or head of the janggan kite is made using jepun wood taken from the Dalem Yangbatu temple. It is said that the tapel was made by the krama banjar yangbatu, with the shape of the tapel resembling a lion. In the process of making the tapel, it is carried back and forth from home and to the inner temple. When the banjar krama makes a comeback, the janggan tapel kite is used again. The rope used to raise the kite uses a tiying rope (bamboo rope).

One day a kite competition was held which was attended by several banjars in Gumi Badung. The competition took place on the border of Subak Yangbatu and Subak Gemeh to the west of the Yangbatu traditional village. At that time, the janggan kite of Banjar Yangbatu Kangin had its string broken. The kite's head dived down and it was estimated that the kite's head and its tail would be destroyed. However, when the kite approaches the ground, the kite suddenly moves to a normal position so that the kite lands smoothly. Everyone felt a miracle.

In this competition, the only winner was the Banjar Bun janggan kite and the Banjar Yangbatu Kangin janggan kite took second place. The winner of the kite competition gets a buffalo as a prize.

After a long time. It is said that one day this janggan kite was raised. This janggan kite rises perfectly with a long tail and is equipped with a guangan. As usual the kite was lowered in the afternoon. Coincidentally at that time a Dutch official based in Denpasar saw a bright light in the sky. The official immediately ordered his men to find the origin of the light. After checking, it turned out that the light came from the Banjar Yangbatu Kangin janggan kite which was flying in the air. Of course, this news caused a stir in the community.

On the other hand, people from Banjar Kayumas Kaja and also those from Banjar Bun want to go to the rice fields at dawn, usually passing in front of the bale of Banjar Yangbatu Kangin. The people passing by were shocked by the light emitting from the cudamani (jewel on the forehead) of the janggan kite tapel which was placed to the south of the bale of Banjar Yangbatu Kangin. Of course, this story created even more buzz about the janggan kite.