"Kesiman Traditional Village: The Charisma of a Traditional Village that Combines Local Wisdom and Culture in the Modern Era"

"Kesiman Traditional Village is situated in the heart of Denpasar City. This village boasts several unique features, earning it the title of one of Bali's ancient villages. The history of Kesiman Traditional Village harks back to the heyday of the Badung Kingdom. Not only that, but another distinctive aspect is the arrangement of the Pura Kahyangan Tiga (Three Spiritual Temples) located within the village. The ngerebong ceremony at Pura Agung Petilan has become iconic for Kesiman Traditional Village. Despite being located in the city center, the village remains deeply connected to its customs and traditions, standing resilient against the passage of time. Thanks to its uniqueness and commitment to cultural preservation, Kesiman Traditional Village has garnered numerous accolades from both domestic and international perspectives. Let's delve into the complete story of Kesiman Traditional Village."

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