Melasti Beach : White Sand Beach Which Has Many Interesting Tourist Attractions

In the midst of busy activities that make our heads tired, of course we need time to rest for a moment and unwind. This can be done by doing various fun activities and traveling to enjoy the beauty of nature. One suitable place to unwind between busy activities is Melasti Beach. On this beach, you can enjoy natural views and do various activities that help you relieve fatigue. Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali Province. This white sandy beach is very suitable as a place to relieve fatigue because it has extraordinary natural beauty with fine sand and clear water that can spoil the eyes. Apart from its natural beauty, there are many other tourist attractions and beautiful customs and history that can only be enjoyed by visiting this beautiful beach.

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Dec 16, 2023 - 10:27
Melasti Beach : White Sand Beach Which Has Many Interesting Tourist Attractions

Melasti Beach is one of the main tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods, white sand is one of the attractions of this beach. Apart from offering beautiful white sand, Melasti Beach also offers various natural beauties, facilities and tourist attractions. So, you can do various fun activities when visiting this very beautiful beach. Activities you can do while at Melasti Beach are as follows.

1. Playing with Sand

This beach area has a sloping coastline, soft white sand and not too big waves. Therefore, it is safe to do beachside activities such as playing in the sand, swimming and surfing if you bring the equipment.

2. Kecak Dance Performance

There is a Kecak dance performance that can be enjoyed while looking at views of the beach, sunset and cliffs. There is a performance stage to watch this typical Balinese dance.

3. Using the Available Vehicles

Several water games are used by visitors at Melasti Beach, including paragliding from a high cliff and riding a banana boot.

4. Relax

Melasti Beach is a quiet beach, visitors can relax on this beach for a moment to avoid the daily grind. By just sitting on the beach while enjoying the flowing waves and the beauty of the beach with the sunset in the afternoon, this will make your mind calmer.

5. Pre-wedding Spot

Melasti Beach is a suitable place to take pre-wedding photos because  its natural beauty as a background for pre-wedding photos will make the photos very beautiful. Visitors who want to take pre-wedding photos need to find a suitable time so that the atmosphere is not too busy.

Apart from doing the interesting activities above, when you are at Melasti Beach, you can also visit the very beautiful tourist attractions around the beach if you want to immortalize your moments at this place. Very interesting, right? the following are various tourist attractions that you can visit at Melasti Beach.

1. Angsoka Park

Angsoka Park (Source : Private Collection)

One of the parks that was founded based on the inspiration from the Ramayana puppet story with an arrangement and architecture that pays attention to the concept of Balinese landscaping which offers beauty and beauty to visitors to Melasti Beach. There are many photo spots with green plants and tall trees in Angsoka Park.

2. Twin Cliffs

Melasti Beach Street and Cliffs (Source : Private Collection)

The twin cliffs are one of the icons of Melasti Beach. The location is along the road to the beach. Visitors will pass two twin cliffs when descending to the beach. This cliff is also a favorite photo spot that is highly sought after by visitors to this beach.

3. Culinary

Culinary Stalls on Melasti Beach (Source: Private Collection)

Apart from enjoying the beauty of Melasti Beach, visitors can of course also enjoy culinary delights. There are stalls and luxury restaurants around the beach. This food place serves a variety of Balinese and Western culinary specialties. Of course, it's very fun to be able to eat culinary delights with stunning views of the blue sea.

4. Kori Agung

Kori Agung in Melasti Beach (Source: Private Collection)

There are three Kori Agung at the entrance to Melasti Beach. However, only two sides can be passed. This place is also usually a cool photo spot. Kori Agung contains Bhorma which means self-cleaning. So it is believed that those who enter the great kori will have their thoughts, words, and actions cleansed.

5. Watugangga Peninsula

Watugangga Peninsula (Source: Private Collection)

The Watugangga peninsula is a place where local people carry out traditional ceremonies, and consider the existence of the bendega system which is used as a means for activities at sea, and also as a means of breaking waves. 

6. Wedding Facilities

Wedding Facilities in Melasti Beach (Source: Private Collection)

There are also facilities available for those of you who want to capture your pre-wedding photos on Melasti Beach. This room is equipped with glass and a restroom, making it easier for tourist who want to have a variety of concepts for their happy moments.

Well, if you want to enjoy attractions and visit this Melasti Beach tour you will be charged an entrance ticket of IDR 8,000 for adults and IDR 2,000 for children. Foreign tourists will be charged a different ticket price, which is IDR 10,000 for adults and IDR 3,000 for children. If you bring a private vehicle, the vehicle parking fee is IDR 2,000 for motorcycles, IDR 5,000 for cars, and IDR 10,000 for buses and trucks.

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