Bedha Traditional Village, Stepping Together with Enchanting Cultural and Natural Heritage

Welcome to Bedha Traditional Village. Bedha Traditional Village is located in the Kerambitan District of Tabanan Regency. Here, you will find unique traditions not found in other traditional villages in Bali. In the central sanctuary of Pura Puseh Luhur Bedha, there is the shrine of Ida Bhatara Bagus Kebo Iwa, the hero who built Bali's defense fortress. Due to the Palapa Oath of Gajah Mada, who aimed to unite the archipelago, in their second meeting, Kebo Iwa surrendered and submitted to Majapahit without bloodshed. As a result of this event, Kebo Iwa is highly respected by the community, manifested in the Piodalan ceremony held every six months (210 days) in Bedha Traditional Village. The sincerity and sacrifice of Kebo Iwa in building and dedicating himself are applied by the traditional leaders of the village to develop their community for prosperity. The majestic statue of Kebo Iwa found in Bedha Traditional Village proves his greatness for the people. Through this video, let's explore the wonders of history, culture, and traditions that make Bedha Traditional Village so special. Don't miss this extraordinary journey; feel and enjoy its magnificence together.

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