Blanjong Temple and Inscription: Learning the History of Ancient Balinese Civilization Through Sacred Places

Blanjong Temple and Inscription is one of the tourist destinations located in Banjar Blanjong, Sanur Kauh Village, South Denpasar District, Denpasar City, Bali. Blanjong Temple and Inscription has an interesting history in it that attracts tourists to come visit. The existence of this temple and inscription is also evidence of the history of the cultural journey of the Balinese people in ancient times. The name Blanjong comes from the word "belahane" which means fragment and "ngenjung" which means fishing boat in Balinese. It is said that it began when there was a fragment of a Dutch ship that was stranded on the Sanur Coast, which is more precisely now in the Blanjong Coastal area and from that event the name blanjong was pinned.

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