Blemantung: Hidden Gem 3 Beautiful Waterfalls in One Location, Best Healing Spot at the Foot of Mount Batukaru

Healing, that's what today's generation Z calls it. An expression that reflects the need to relieve fatigue and find peace. Blemantung Waterfall is one of the right travel options, when you want to do healing. The waterfall, located between coffee plantations at the foot of Mount Batukaru, is unique. Where in one location, there is not only one waterfall. However, there are a total of three waterfalls at once with a very eye-pleasing charm.

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Blemantung: Hidden Gem 3 Beautiful Waterfalls in One Location, Best Healing Spot at the Foot of Mount Batukaru
Blemantung Waterfall (Source: Private Collection)

Is there one of you who doesn't like "healing"? It's impossible to live with the Gen Z generation without healing. Stopping for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the city and being friendly with nature is almost everyone's dream. Waterfall tourist destinations are the right travel choice, when you want to do refreshing by enjoying the natural scenery and listening to the sound of water which is certainly very soothing. One of the waterfall attractions that can be your choice is Blemantung Waterfall.


Blemantung Waterfall or often referred to as Singsing Blahmantung is a waterfall located in Pujungan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency. This waterfall is unique and different from other waterfalls. How could it not be? In one location, you can find not only one waterfall. However, you can immediately find three waterfalls at once. Blemantung Waterfall is located among coffee plantations, where Pupuan District itself is indeed one of the largest coffee producing areas in Bali.


According to the Perbekel of Pujungan Traditional Village, Gede Rimayasa, Blemantung Waterfall has been named since ancient times by the penglingsir in Pujungan Village and passed down until now. So, no one knows the exact meaning of the name. However, if implicitly he also said "Yen ambilang titiang saking bebaosan kata-kata punika, suku katanya punika blah lan mantung artinya ring belah punika metu toya (air) dadosne blemantung". Uniquely, this waterfall consists of two "undag" (stairs) that divide this location into two locations with different heights. The first location consists of two waterfalls, Rajapala Waterfall and Dedari Waterfall. Meanwhile, the second location which is higher than the first location has a waterfall namely Blemantung Waterfall.



Rajapala Waterfall (Source: Private Collection)

Have you ever heard of a Balinese satua called I Durma? Or maybe you've heard the story of a man who stole an angel's shawl? That's right, he is Rajapala. Inspired by this story, the first waterfall in this area is called Rajapala Waterfall. Rajapala Waterfall is the first waterfall located closest to the main entrance. It doesn't take long, just by walking about three minutes, you will immediately be treated to the beautiful scenery of the first waterfall in this area. Rajapala Waterfall was only named after this area became a tourist area, none other than to attract tourists.


Rajapala Waterfall is located right above an irrigation dam called "Sabha Hulu" Irrigation Dam. This waterfall has a height of about 25 meters, with water flowing between the green leaves that grow naturally. Actually at the top of this waterfall there is one more waterfall that flows directly into Rajapala Waterfall. To get to that location you have to climb a fairly high and steep staircase. However, your fatigue will be paid off because from that height position you can see the view of the Sabha Hulu Dam. At this location you will also find a pancoran, with this pancoran it is planned that the place will be redeveloped to become a religious place.


The water from this waterfall comes from Tukad Yeh Sabha Hulu, because the location of Pujungan Village itself is right upstream of Mount Batukaru. The water will flow into a dam upstream that is owned and used by Subak Bantiran which has existed since ancient times. Bantiran itself is the name of a village in Pupuan District. The direction of the water flow comes from Pujungan Village, then passes through Pupuan Village until it reaches Bantiran Village. It is said that its history is related to Ida Bhatara in Pujungan Village and Bantiran Village which is tied to the history of ancient times. In addition, this dam is also often used for activities by local people because it has very clean water.



Dedari Waterfall (Source: Private Collection)

The journey to the second waterfall in this area requires you to cross Tukad Yeh Sabha Hulu, then you will also pass dozens of steps that are formed naturally along the way to the second waterfall. Talking about Rajapala who inspired the naming of the first waterfall, it would be incomplete if we did not discuss the angel who was married by Rajapala. Inspired again from the story, the second waterfall in this area is called Dedari Waterfall. Where, "dedari" itself is a Balinese term for an angel.


Similar to the first waterfall, this second waterfall was only named after the area became a tourist area.  Dedari Waterfall has almost the same height as the first waterfall. However, this waterfall looks bigger and wider. At this waterfall there is a "bale bengong" that you can use to relax, while enjoying the soothing roar of the water.


The beauty of this waterfall is due to its location, which is flanked by a "pepayonan" (valley). I Nyoman Yudana, Bendesa Adat Pujungan explains, "Pepayonan niki yen indik klasiran, klasiran niki mewasta klasiran yeh umput (dikanan). Sane niki ring kebot (kiri) puniki kewastanin klasiran selag singsing. Puniki sami Alas Gege, yen ten iwang antuk titiang alas gege puniki Bahasa Belanda perlindungan jurang". Are two waterfalls enough? Of course not, there is still another waterfall that becomes the "gong" of this area.



Blemantung Waterfall (Source: Private Collection)

The journey to the third waterfall, again requires you to pass dozens of stairs and paths between local coffee plantations. However, the fatigue of this journey will instantly disappear. After you arrive at the third waterfall in this area. The highest waterfall among the other two is called Blemantung Waterfall, which is located separately in the upper location.


Before there were Rajapala Waterfall and Dedari Waterfall, this waterfall was the only waterfall tourist attraction in Pupuan District. This waterfall, with a height of about 50 meters, is different from the previous two waterfalls which are merely tourist attractions. Blemantung Waterfall is considered sacred because it is located close to a temple called Pura Taman Sari. Taman Sari Temple functions as a place of purification for Ida Bhatara Puncak Kedaton. It is said that Blemantung Waterfall and Taman Sari Temple are sacred because they are believed to be a place to ask for offspring and cure non-medical diseases.


To get to this waterfall from Denpasar City, the time required is about 2 hours. Along the way to this place, you will be treated to the green rice fields that are still very beautiful in Pupuan District. There are two routes that can be taken, the first route is from the main road in Pujungan Village until you find a signpost that reads "Blemantung Waterfall" on the right side of the road. If you go through this route, there is no cost that you have to spend, because it is a route that is usually used by local people. Meanwhile, for the second route through the intersection of Pujungan Village by taking the direction to SMA Negeri 1 Pupuan until you find an entrance gate of this waterfall. If you pass this route, then you need to pay a ticket fee of only Rp. 5000,- /person.


So, how is it? Are you interested in visiting this waterfall? A few tips for those of you who want to visit, it is not recommended to come during the dry season. Because it will affect the flow of waterfalls in this area. However, of course you will not regret it. Because in one visit, you can immediately enjoy the charm of three waterfalls at once.