Immersing in the Power of Holy Water: The Mother and Breastfeeding Blessings at Pura Beji Amerta Gangga

Pura Beji Amerta Gangga in Bali is sought after by new mothers facing breastfeeding challenges, offering sacred pools, holy water, and ceremonial rituals as means to seek blessings and spiritual support. Besides serving as a destination for mothers, the place is also renowned as a healing center for those dealing with various illnesses, providing a spiritual experience involving interactions with priests and fostering an environment full of hope.

Mar 31, 2024 - 05:55
Dec 16, 2023 - 23:16
Immersing in the Power of Holy Water: The Mother and Breastfeeding Blessings at Pura Beji Amerta Gangga
Signboard of Beji Amerta Gangga Temple (Collection : Private Owner)

For a new mother, breastfeeding is a moment that is meaningful and crucial. However, not all mothers have the ability to produce sufficient breast milk. Pura Beji Amerta Gangga has become a place frequently visited by mothers facing difficulties in providing breast milk to their babies.

Beji Amerta Gangga, a sacred place in Bali, has emerged as a destination often frequented by mothers who have recently given birth and are encountering challenges in producing breast milk for their infants. This location is renowned not only as a spiritual tourist spot but also as a place brimming with positive energy and blessings.

Pura Beji Tirta Amerta Gangga is one of the spiritual tourist spots in Tegalmengkeb Village, Selemadeg Timur District, Tabanan, Bali. Since its inauguration in early December 2022, Pura Beji Tirta Amerta Gangga has started to attract visitors from various regions in Bali.

Mothers who come to Beji Amerta Gangga have one main purpose: to pray and seek blessings from the revered deities there. They believe that by being in an environment full of spirituality, they can gain support from supernatural forces to overcome obstacles in providing breast milk to their babies.

At Beji Amerta Gangga, mothers can find a number of sacred pools and springs believed to have healing powers. Some choose to bathe or cleanse themselves with this sacred water, while offering their prayers. It is believed that this sacred water can help cleanse negative energy and open the flow of blessings for mothers facing challenges in breastfeeding.

Mothers visiting Beji Amerta Gangga with the intention of praying for the blessing of breast milk often bring special offerings or 'banten' as expressions of gratitude, respect, and hope. These offerings hold deep meaning in the context of Balinese spirituality and are used as a medium to communicate with the deities.

One of the commonly brought offerings is 'canang sari,' a tribute consisting of various elements such as flowers, pandan leaves, nuts, and incense. Canang sari is symbolically arranged and offered as a sign of respect to the worshipped deity. Mothers bring canang sari as a symbol of purity and their sincere intention to pray for the blessing of breast milk.

In addition to canang sari, another common offering is 'sesajen' or food offerings. These offerings include various traditional Balinese foods, such as rice, fruits, and cakes. Mothers carefully arrange these offerings as a form of appreciation for the gift of life and as an expression of gratitude for the opportunity to be mothers.

Often, some mothers also bring sacred water or 'tirta' taken from the sacred springs around Beji Amerta Gangga. This sacred water is considered to have spiritual power and is used in worship processions as a symbol of purification. By bringing sacred water, mothers express their intention to receive blessings and healing.

These offerings are presented with special prayers uttered with sincerity and hope. This process creates a spiritual bond between mothers and the deities they seek assistance from. Through these rituals, mothers create meaningful moments at Beji Amerta Gangga, a place where blessings and spirituality converge in their journey to ensure sufficient breast milk for their babies.

Moreover, around the area of Beji Amerta Gangga, there are other temples or places of worship where mothers can meditate and pray devoutly. They believe that through these spiritual activities, they can connect with deities or unseen forces that will listen to their pleas for the blessing of breast milk.

The spiritual experience at Beji Amerta Gangga goes beyond mere rituals; it also involves interaction with priests or temple caretakers who guide these mothers. They provide advice and encouragement, creating a supportive and hopeful environment.

Aside from being a sought-after place for mothers facing difficulties in breastfeeding, Beji Amerta Gangga is also known as a healing place for those dealing with various illnesses. The spiritual uniqueness and blessings found in this place are believed to have a healing effect on anyone who comes with sincere intentions.

Visitors seeking healing not only confine themselves to the sacred pools and springs but also seek blessings through prayer and meditation around the existing temples. Beji Amerta Gangga becomes a place where they seek spiritual support to combat illnesses that may afflict their bodies and minds.

For a new mother facing challenges in providing breast milk, a visit to Beji Amerta Gangga is not just a physical journey but also a spiritual one. They come with hearts full of hope, praying to be endowed with strength and blessings so that they can provide the best nutrition for their babies. Beji Amerta Gangga, with its natural beauty and spiritual atmosphere, becomes a place that provides tranquility and confidence for mothers in their breastfeeding journey.