Pengelukatan Dasamala Lan Widyadari : 12 Pancoran Nonmedical Disease Healers

A pengelukatan is a purification ritual of Balinese Hindus, where they use holy water from a holy spring to cleanse themselves physically and mentally. One of the interesting circumambulation places in Bali is the Dasamala lan Widyadari circumambulation in Taman Sari Temple, Jehem Village. This place has 12 pancoran tirta with various benefits, such as inner and outer cleansing, healing diseases, and youthful tirta. In the melukat procedure, devotees perform prayers at several holy places before performing the circumambulation procession. This place is open every day, but Hindu holidays are considered a good time for melukat.

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Pengelukatan Dasamala Lan Widyadari : 12 Pancoran Nonmedical Disease Healers
Pengelukatan Dasamala lan Widyadari (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

Pengelukatan is a ritual of inner and outer self-purification performed by Balinese Hindus using holy water from a sacred spring. Pengelukatan aims to cleanse all mala or impurities that exist in the self, both physical and non-physical, and get closer to God, others, and nature. It is usually done on auspicious or holy days, or at certain times that require purification. 

In Bali there are many places of circumambulation that have their own history, functions, and benefits. One of the unique and interesting places of circumambulation is the dasamala lan widyadari circumambulation. pengelukatan dasamala lan widyadari is one of the religious and spiritual tourist attractions located in Jehem Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency, Bali. This place is one of the temples that has 12 pancoran tirta which is believed to have various benefits and miracles, ranging from inner and outer cleansing, healing diseases, to youthful tirta.

Taman Sari Temple (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

The dasamala lan widyadari worship is located in Taman Sari Temple, which was once a wilderness. According to the local Mangku, this place has been around for about 50 years and is believed to have extraordinary spiritual power. It is said that this place can cure all kinds of medical and non-medical diseases.

Pengelukatan dasamala lan widyadari has 12 pancoran tirta, each of which has its own function and benefits. The following is a brief explanation of each pancoran tirta:

  1. Pancoran Pengeleburan Mala: consists of three pancoran that serves to clean or melt everything that is not good within, such as sins, bad karma, negative thoughts, and so on.
  2. Pancoran Pengeleburan Bala: serves to reject all forms of danger or disaster that threaten oneself and one's family.
  3. Pancoran Tirta Awet Muda: serves to calm the mind so that the heart can be calm and youthful.
  4. Pancoran Beauty: serves to increase beauty, charm and aura.
  5. Pancoran Success: serves to request smooth economic, business, career, education, and everything related to success.
  6. Pancoran Taksu: serves to increase taksu or self charisma to be more respected and loved by others.
  7. Pancoran Spiritual: intended for spiritual enthusiasts and practitioners, in order to gain high spiritual knowledge and connect with God.
  8. Pancoran Ratu Niang Sakti: functions for medical and non-medical treatment, especially for curing diseases that are difficult to cure.
  9. Pancoran Naga Basuki: serves for medical and non-medical treatment, by asking for the blessing of Naga Basuki. 

Pelinggih Ida Bhatara Sakti Wawu Rauh (Photo Source: Personal Collection) 

To melukat in this circumambulation place, there are several procedures that must be followed, first we must perform prayers at Pelinggih Ida Bhatara Sakti Wawu Rauh which is located in the north of Taman Sari temple, but in 2022 this Pelinggih was hit by a landslide and moved to near the circumambulation place. so that the flow of the circumambulation will begin with praying at the Taman Sari temple, at Pelinggih Dasamala lan Widyadari, at Pelinggih Ratu Niang Sakti and at Pelinggih Tirta Tamba Naga Basuki. after praying, we can then carry out the circumambulation procession at the Dasamala lan Widyadari temple.

For visitors who come with a special purpose, such as seeking treatment or asking for success, they will be accompanied by pemangku by bringing three Pejati banten to be presented at the Main Mandala of Taman Sari Temple, Ida Bhatara Sakti Wawu Rauh and Pelinggih Ring Pengelukatan Dasamala lan Widyadari in the Pancoran area. For pemedek who are just doing dharma tourism or want to do melukat, they can do it themselves by bringing simple canang and have asked permission from the relevant pemangku. Male and female devotees are allowed to use cloth or kamben.

People Who Melukat at Pengelukatan Dasamala lan Widyadari (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

Good days to visit this place are on Hindu holidays, such as Tilem, Purnama, Kajeng Kliwon, Galungan, and Kuningan. However, this place is also open every day for anyone who wants to melukat and feel the benefits. This place is also easy to reach, because it can be reached by car or motorcycle directly down to the place of circumambulation. The distance is about 3 km from Banjar Tingkadbatu to Banjar Sama Griya.