The charm of Mount Abang is a feast for the eyes

Sep 9, 2023 - 06:10
Sep 9, 2023 - 06:36
The charm of Mount Abang is a feast for the eyes
Mount Abang (Photo Source : Editorial Collection)

The island of Bali is synonymous with culture and exotic natural beauty, one of the popular tourist destinations on the island of Bali is the mountains which offer beauty beyond our expectations, In Bali there are 10 mountains that can be climbed, one of the most popular being Mount Agung and Mount Batur, These two mountains often get attention from tourists, but this time I will not discuss the two mountains but I will discuss the mountain which is in the Top 3 highest mountains on the island of Bali, namely Mount Abang.


Sunrise on Mount Abang (Photo Source: Editorial Collection)

Location and Geographic

The mountain which occupies the third position as the highest mountain on the island of Bali has a height of 2,151 meters above sea level, This mountain is located in Abangsongan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency.  As a climbing tourist destination, The mountain, which is across from Mount Batur, is relatively safe to climb because this mountain is no longer active and this mountain is also part of the Mount Batur caldera which was created by a violent eruption.


Natural Beauty

Even though this mountain is not as popular as the mountain I mentioned at the beginning, in terms of its beauty, this mountain is no less interesting.  Karena Gunung ini kurang populer, climbing activities that are looking for serenity of this mountain must be tried by friends, This mountain also offers views of the climbing route that hugs the side of the cliff with beautiful views, and through a beautiful forest with shady trees on the right and left of the hiking trail.

Apart from its beautiful climbing routes, Mount Abang also has an exotic peak, At the top of Mount Abang you can see the beauty of the sunrise emitting rays of light, This moment is one of the most beautiful moments for climbers, and one more thing, if you are lucky, you will get the most favorite view for climbers, namely the sea of ​​clouds that spoil your eyes.


Climbing Mount Abang

Mount Abang Climbing Route (Photo Source: Editorial Collection)

This time the climb will be via the Suter Village route, To climb, you will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 25,000 per person, This climbing route usually takes 3-4 hours, , the route for climbing Mount Abang via Suter Village is very interesting because the route hugs the side of a cliff with a view of Lake Batur, Mount Batur, Trunyan Hill, and the path that enters the forest with shady trees on the right and left of the path that makes the air on the mountain cool.


The climb from Suter Village only has two climbing posts before the peak, which is marked by the existence of a temple, For Hindus, the existence of a temple at every Mount Abang climbing post is not only a place of rest but also a place of prayer to ask for safety during the climb.


The journey from Basecamp to Pos-1 takes about 45-60 minutes, At the start of the climb, the route is dirt and does not tend to be very sloping and is surrounded by thick grass and trees, Post-1 to Post-2 takes about an hour to travel. This route starts to climb with a dirt track decorated with tree root stairs, In Pos-2, climbers can set up tents before the summit to the top, From Post-2 to the peak it takes about an hour's journey on an uphill path decorated with dense bushes and trees, This summit trip is quite energy consuming with an extreme route, but all the fatigue at the summit seemed to disappear after reaching the top with a view that was pleasing to the eye, At the top there is also the Puncak Tulukbiyu Temple which can be used by Hindus for prayer.


View of Mount Abang (Photo Source: Editorial Collection)

Maintain Environmental Sustainability

As with other mountains, Mount Abang, even though it is not as busy as other popular mountains, we still have to maintain its sustainability by following climbing rules and not destroying the natural surroundings, We as connoisseurs of nature should participate in protecting and maintaining the environment that we explore. Mount Abang also has spiritual value for the local community, So respecting local places and culture is the most important thing