Exploring the Unique Sacredness of Burial Traditions in the Trunyan Village

Burial is one of the most significant stages in a person's journey to the afterlife. Various cultures around the world have unique ways of celebrating and honoring those who have passed away. In Indonesia, there are numerous diverse burial traditions, and one of them is the unique burial tradition practiced by the people of Trunyan Village on the island of Bali. This tradition has made Trunyan renowned as a cultural destination filled with mystery and uniqueness.

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Exploring the Unique Sacredness of Burial Traditions in the Trunyan Village
Trunyan Village Cemetery (Photo Source: Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

Trunyan Village is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Batur, surrounded by lush hills, making it an exceptionally unique burial site. What makes it truly distinctive is that here, the bodies of the deceased are not buried or cremated as is the common practice; instead, they are left exposed to the open air.

As reported from the Pujangga Nagari Nusantara YouTube channel, Trunyan Village is known as "Mepasah." According to the beliefs of the Trunyan people, the bodies placed in this burial ground do not emit an unpleasant odor, even though they are left without protection or conventional burial. This is seen as a blessing from the local deities.

Trunyan Village (Photo Source: Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

The Mepasah burial site comprises three distinct areas: one for those who died from infectious diseases, one for those who died from accidents or suicide, and the last for those who died of natural causes. These burial sites are located not far from the village, under a Taru Menyan tree that is said to have the ability to neutralize the foul smell from the bodies.

During the Mepasah burial ceremony, the deceased is placed on the ground, covered with white cloth, and offered incense. This unique burial procession is typically carried out by the closest family members who have cared for the deceased for several days leading up to the ceremony. Despite the bodies being left exposed, the belief among the Trunyan people is that the deities will safeguard against the spread of the foul odor.

Trunyan Village Cemetery (Photo Source: Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

In addition to this unique burial practice, Trunyan Village also has other traditions related to death. They practice the tradition of cutting the hair of deceased villagers before they are laid to rest. This is a final sign of respect for those who have departed.

This distinctive burial tradition has attracted the attention of many tourists and anthropologists over the years. The people of Trunyan proudly preserve their rich cultural heritage and maintain this unique tradition. They hope to continue this practice and educate the younger generations about the values of sacredness and cultural sustainability.

Visiting Trunyan Village and witnessing the Mepasah burial is a profoundly impressive experience. It provides deep insights into how the culture and beliefs of the local community shape their perception of death. While the world continues to change, traditions like the Mepasah burial in Trunyan Village remain an invaluable part of Indonesia's cultural heritage that deserves appreciation and preservation.