Alas Harum Bali: Dive Into The Beauty of Green Rice Fields and Traditional Magic in Ubud

The Alas Harum Bali tourist destination in Ubud offers the beauty of green rice fields and traditional magic. With stunning rice field views, cafes and restaurants serving authentic Balinese food, and exciting activities such as coffee and chocolate tours, Alas Harum Bali captivates visitors. Beautiful photo spots make Alas Harum Bali popular on social media. Alas Harum Bali is the best place to enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of Bali.

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Alas Harum Bali: Dive Into The Beauty of Green Rice Fields and Traditional Magic in Ubud
Luwak Statue on the Signboard of Alas Harum Bali (Source: Private Collection)

Bali, an Indonesian island with diverse natural beauty, attracts scores of foreign tourists due to its vast green rice fields, exotic beaches, and towering mountains. Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud are among the central areas for tourism activities in Bali. Moreover, the island boasts of a rich culture and artistic life where tourists can witness grand and distinctive religious ceremonies, traditional dances, and beautiful carvings. Nicknamed the "Island of a Thousand Temples," Bali boasts a multitude of temples that enhance the spiritual experience for tourists. The island's stunning beauty makes it a truly unforgettable travel destination.

Alas Harum Bali (Source: Private Collection)

Located in one of the central areas of Bali's tourism activities, Alas Harum Bali is one of the attractions that has natural scenery that soothes both the eyes and the mind, with green nature, beautiful rice fields, and a peaceful atmosphere that should not be missed. Located on Jl. Raya Tegallalang in Tegallalang Sub-district, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Alas Harum Bali's location blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Bali.

Dancing Woman Statue at Alas Harum Bali (Source: Private Collection)

Alas Harum Bali is famous for its beautiful green rice fields. Guests can also unwind at one of the many cafes and restaurants that offer magnificent views of nature and authentic Balinese and international dishes that never disappoint. Moreover, Alas Harum Bali boasts coffee and cocoa plantations, where you can see how coffee is made and the coffee-eating civet. The natural beauty of Alas Harum Bali is enhanced by the picturesque scenery and running river. This location serves as an ideal backdrop for capturing your cherished moments while staying here.

One of the Photo Spots at Alas Harum Bali (Source: Private Collection)

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of Alas Harum, you can also explore various other interesting activities. A coffee and chocolate tour is available to learn about the production process, followed by rides for enjoyment.  Although open throughout the year, the best time to visit this place is during the dry season, which is around April to October, when the weather tends to be sunnier.

If you are traveling to this place, make sure to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the beautiful moments here. Because in Alas Harum Bali there are many picturesque and instagramable spots that would make for beautiful uploads on social media. Here are several attractions to enjoy within Alas Harum Bali, along with their corresponding costs.

The entrance ticket price for Alas Harum Bali is IDR 50,000, while the price of the vehicle ticket varies based on the chosen vehicle. The official website of Alas Harum Bali provides the following prices.

  1. Couple Swing/Couple Swing Express
    A swing of medium height, approximately 20 meters above ground level.
    Regular Ticket: IDR 300,000 for 2 People
    Couple Swing Express Ticket : IDR 450,000 for 2 People without queuing
  2. Extreme Swing
    The swing, approximately 15 meters above the ground, is suitable for children and people who are afraid of heights.
    Regular Ticket : IDR 150,000 for 1 People
    Extreme Swing Express Ticket : IDR 250,000 for 2 People without queuing
  3. Super Extreme Swing
    The highest swing is about 25 meters above the ground. When trying it, visitors will enjoy a beautiful view and feel like flying in the sky.
    Regular Ticket : IDR 200,000 for 1 People
    Super Extreme Swing Express Ticket : IDR 300,000 for 1 People without queuing
  4. Package Swing
    A combination package of one pair swing and two single swings in one place.
    IDR 250,000 1 Ticket for 1 Person.
  5. Two-person Photo (Epic Photo Booth)
    Send to email (one person) starting from IDR 150,000
    Photo print IDR 100,000
    Video from drone IDR 150,000 (by request)

Here are some of the photo spots found at Alas Harum Bali.

  1. Seven different types of swallow nests, each with a different shape
  2. The dancing bridge is 35 meters long and 12 meters wide
  3. The Pekak Brayut arch is 14 meters high and 12 meters wide
  4. The Gorilla Face is 12 meters high and 9.5 meters wide

In addition, there is the Flying Monkey Bridge which is 35 meters long and 12 meters wide. Because when visitors try it, they will be able to see the whole view.

One of the Rides at Alas Harum Bali (Source: Private Collection)

There is no need to inquire about the facilities when visiting Alas Harum Bali, as this tourist destination provides a variety of facilities that will make you feel comfortable. The available facilities at Alas Harum Bali are listed below.

  1. Large Parking Area
  2. Toilet
  3. Wifi
  4. Restaurant
  5. Coffee experience and tester

Alas Harum Bali is a great destination for those who seek relaxation and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali. The location, situated in Tegallalang, Gianyar, near Ubud, offers an idyllic setting with its rich green rice fields, delightful coffee gardens, and an array of exhilarating activities. Make sure to include Alas Harum Bali on your travel list if you're planning a trip to Bali.