Dharmagita Chatbot: A New Innovation in Interactive Dharmagita Learning

Bali is an island rich in religious and cultural aspects that are unparalleled and closely related to the lives of its people. The ceremony in Hinduism is called Yadnya. Dharmagita, one of the important parts of the yadnya ceremony in Hinduism. This art has now stepped forward with the creation of an interesting innovation, namely the interactive Chatbot Telgram as a new learning method in learning Dharmagita.

Apr 4, 2024 - 22:10
Apr 4, 2024 - 23:02
Dharmagita Chatbot: A New Innovation in Interactive Dharmagita Learning
Illustration of Dharmagita (Source: Editorial Collection)

In Bali, a Telegram-based chatbot has been created, a platform that is suitable for use because it provides the Telegram Bot API. This is an innovative step to spread and enrich the knowledge of Dharmagita among the Hindu community, especially the younger generation. By utilizing technology that is inherent in everyday life, it is expected to increase understanding and interest in our cultural heritage, especially the Dharmagita.

This chatbot allows users to easily obtain information about Dharmagita and its relationship with Yadnya Ceremony by simply sending a text message. Thus, access to religious and cultural knowledge becomes easier and faster, allowing the younger generation to learn more effectively.

Telegram Initial View of Dharmagita Chatbot

This is an important step in harmonizing tradition with modern technology. By using Chatbot, we are not only expanding access to religious knowledge, but also updating the way we learn and interact with our cultural heritage.