Exploring the Beauty of Tukad Bindu With Human Care

This large river, which is located in Kesiman Village, Denpasar, Bali, flows across part of the eastern area of Denpasar City. According to local residents, this river is known to be haunted to them until in 2013, local residents saw the hidden potential of this haunted river and began to take the initiative to mobilize all their creativity which then gave rise to a new face of this haunted river which was named "Tukad Bindu" as the result. Tukad Bindu is famous for its multi-recreation which is always diverse, starting from rivers, dams, jogging tracks, playgrounds, places to eat, and many others. It's a miracle how Tukad Bindu can be given this much amazing recreation in a place that was once haunted and filled with wild plants that made it cramped. This shows how important human concern is in making the environment better.

Jun 26, 2024 - 00:52
Dec 20, 2023 - 19:48
Exploring the Beauty of Tukad Bindu With Human Care
Tukad Bindu's Dam

Tukad Bindu is a river that flows calmly in the middle of Denpasar city, not just an ordinary water flow. Full of local wisdom, the local people gave it the familiar name, "Tukad Bindu," where "tukad" comes from Balinese which means "river". It is said that this river was formed a long time ago and long before the existing buildings are like today. That's why Tukad Bindu initially looked like a haunted river because of the dense vegetation which gave the impression of an eerie atmosphere coupled with the quiet atmosphere.

Recreational Park (source : personal)

But now, Tukad Bindu is not just an ordinary river. This river has developed rapidly into a tourist attraction that captivates the hearts of tourists. Situated amidst a dense urban environment, Tukad Bindu stands out as a unique and special destination. Its natural beauty is combined with a touch of creativity, creating a truly enchanting recreation space. And don't forget that local residents also built Hindu worship facilities, namely temples, in several places for worship and making offerings. This aims to ensure that we can establish good relationships with guardians and ancestors who also help preserve the Tukad Bindu environment.

The charm of Tukad Bindu not only attracts Denpasar residents, but also attracts the attention of Balinese society as a whole. This multi-recreational river not only offers visual beauty, but also provides a comfortable experience for visitors. However, the uniqueness of Tukad Bindu does not stop here. Tukad Bindu is not just an ordinary tourist destination, but the result of extraordinary innovation from the city of Denpasar. By entering the Tukad Bindu area, visitors will be faced with a hidden alley/small road, which is the gateway to the natural wonders that are stored by passing down stairs leading to the river.

Innerside of Recreational Park (source : personal)

This river is often a field of creativity for students to provide their best innovations as a form of service to the surrounding community. Meanwhile, on the other hand, many rivers are pushed aside and forgotten in the midst of construction and development until they end up becoming waste dumping sites. Therefore, Tukad Bindu as the main role model in community-based river watershed management, shows that we can save these rivers.

However, Tukad Bindu also ended up facing challenges, especially in dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This area is temporarily closed, causing a decline in physical quality and concerns about tourist visits. To face this challenge, the Tukad Bindu Foundation together with the Ngurah Rai University community service team have offered an innovative solution.

Starting from designing stage backdrops to implementing eco enzyme outreach, all activities are carried out collaboratively with the community. These steps not only maintain the environmental sustainability of Tukad Bindu but also empower the local community. Support and appreciation from various parties have proven the success of this effort, marking that Tukad Bindu is not just a tourist destination, but a reflection of local wisdom and sustainable innovation.

And now the preservation of Tukad Bindu is good enough to behold. The surrounding local residents have also agreed that Tukad Bindu needs to be kept clean and comfortable to develop tourism potential which has decreased due to Covid-19. The challenge to maintain something valuable will always be there at all times, with great hopes that this river, which is full of meaning and recreation, will be maintained and continue to develop into the future.