Guha Watu Pageh Temple: Uncovering the Secrets of History and Hidden Spiritual Wealth

Pura Dalem Guha Watu Pageh, a sacred land filled with an aura of magnificence, reveals its spiritual beauty through the presence of its main temple, Pura Guha Watu Pageh. Serving as the focal point of this temple's existence, Pura Guha Watu Pageh plays a central role in inviting every visitor to contemplate the wisdom and hidden insights within. Located inside a cave atop a 10-meter cliff, Pura Guha Watu Pageh stands as a silent witness to the spiritual journey and history involving ancient wisdom. With an architecture seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, this temple creates a special atmosphere that invites every visitor to experience spiritual tranquility. Join in the captivating spiritual journey, explore the richness of Pura Guha Watu Pageh, a spiritual legacy at the southern tip of Bali.

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Guha Watu Pageh Temple: Uncovering the Secrets of History and Hidden Spiritual Wealth
Guha Watu Pageh Temple (Source: Private COlectiom

In various places in Bali, there are many places of worship for Hindus, or more commonly known as temples or Pura. Many spiritual circles make temples in Bali one of the places to visit and conduct worship (Tirta Yatra), drawn to the magical aura surrounding Balinese temples. However, the temples in Bali, considered as one of the tourist objects being developed as cultural heritage protected by law, often neglect the concepts upheld by the Balinese community in general, especially the Tri Hita Karana concept. In addition, in line with modern social life and the development of globalization with its diverse cultural meanings, it seems that empirical and normative historical education is also important.

Guha Watu Pageh Temple Photo (Photo Source: Private Collection)

Guha Watu Pageh Temple is an ancient temple located in a cliff overlooking Green Bowl Beach in Bali, Indonesia. The temple is situated in Banjar Mekar Sari, Ungasan village, Kuta Selatan district, Badung regency. The location is inside a cave at an altitude of 10 meters, so visitors must climb stairs. There are also many monkeys roaming around the area. For a ticket price of 5,000 rupiah, visitors gain access to a spacious parking lot and can enjoy the beautiful Green Bowl beach. There are food and beverage vendors, as well as toilet facilities at this location. From the parking lot, there are two access roads: the first leading to Guha Watu Pageh Temple with a gate entrance, and the second access road is a flight of stairs leading to Green Bowl Beach.

Greenbowl Beach Photo (Source: Private Collection)

Green Bowl Beach is one of the smaller beaches that is not too crowded with tourists. To reach the beach, visitors must descend through 300 concrete steps that start near a temple. The beach is also known as Batu Pageh Beach or Green Bowl Beach and is located below the temple. In addition to its unique access, the beach also earned the nickname 'Green Bowl' from its soft white sand and turquoise waters. The presence of small caves along the beach adds an exotic atmosphere, making Green Bowl Beach a destination that is not only visually stunning, but also holds amazing natural surprises. Despite being relatively unknown, the natural charm of Green Bowl Beach offers an exclusive experience for those looking for tranquility amidst the authentic beauty of Balinese beaches.

Stairs Leading to Pura Guha Watu Pageh Photo(Photo Source: Private Collection)

After completing their prayers at Taman Sari Temple, pilgrims will continue their prayers to Guha Batu Pageh Temple. The existence of this holy place is quite unique and interesting, as it is located inside a cave in the middle of a cliff. To reach Guha Batu Pageh Temple, pilgrims walk along the edge of a steep cliff with a wide view of Green Bowl Beach. There are about 100 steps to reach Guha Watu Pageh Temple. Before reaching Dalem Guha Batu Pageh Temple, there is a shrine to Ida Ratu Gede Kepandean.

Guha Watu Pageh Stairs Photo(Photo Source: Private Collection)

Guha Watu Pageh Temple is located inside a cave in the middle of a cliff. The entrance to the cave is about 10 meters up a flight of stairs. The temple's cave is unique and interesting. The stairs leading to the entrance of Guha Watu Pageh Temple provide visitors with an interesting experience. The stairs are about 10 meters high and must be climbed. The stairs make it easy to access the temple and add an element of adventure. They provide a sense of excitement before visitors enter the wonders of the stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Green Bowl Beach View from Pura Guha Watu Pageh Photo (Photo Source: Private Collection)

When they reach the entrance of the cave, the sound of hundreds of bats greets the pilgrims. From the mouth of the cave, they can see the beautiful view of the ocean at Green Bowl or Batu Pageh Beach. Inside the cave, they can see stalactites and stalagmites that rise high, forming various unique shapes. The atmosphere inside the cave is very cool and calm, providing visitors with comfort and peace. Exploring Guha Watu Pageh Temple is not only a feast for the eyes with its natural beauty, but it also invites visitors to feel peace in a calming atmosphere.