Masceti,Pura Agung Kentel Gumi : Bali's Protective Spiritual Fortress

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi, located in Tusan Village, Klungkung, has a close relationship with Mpu Kuturan's journey. This temple, surrounded by five villages in Banjarangkan District, was built with the aim of creating peace in the world. And within the Pura Agung Kentel Gumi, there is one group of temples named Pura Masceti.

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Dec 16, 2023 - 15:42
Masceti,Pura Agung Kentel Gumi : Bali's Protective Spiritual Fortress
Masceti Temple Area (Source : Private Collection)

As a part of the historical heritage from Mpu Kuturan’s journey to Bali, the Kentel Gumi Temple is designated as Tri Guna Pura or the three heavens on this island. Within it, there is the Masceti Temple which holds an important position in Hindu religious philosophy. The term “Masceti” consists of two syllables, namely Mas (light) and Ceti (entrance and exit). The Masceti Temple is also known to play an important role in the interpretation of God’s omnipotence as Sang Hyang Sri Sedhana or the goddess of prosperity.

Among the temples in Bali, the Agung Kentel Gumi Temple is one of the important temples as Kahyangan Jagat, as a place of worship for the Balinese Hindu community. Here, the Kentel Gumi Temple, which is a significant element in the network of temples in Bali, serves as a place of worship for Ida Sang Hyang Reka Bhuwana, the creator of the universe. This temple also includes the Masceti Temple group, which has places of worship for Dewa Sadha Siwa and Siwa, Gunung Agung, Bhatara Segara, Ngerurah, and Kemulan Bumi. The Piodalan ceremony is held every Weraspati Manis Wuku Dungulan or Umanis Galungan. This temple, located in Tusan Village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung, plays a crucial role in protecting Bali from various threats.