Pancoran Solas Blayu: Exploring the Hidden Spiritual Uniqueness of Bali

Explore the hidden gem of Bali's spiritual and natural beauty at Pancoran Solas in Belayu Village. Discover the mystique of this sacred site, perfect for melukat rituals, with pristine waters and a serene atmosphere. Unveil the legends and mysteries surrounding this unique destination and embrace the spiritual essence of Bali's cultural heritage. Experience a harmonious blend of spirituality and nature in Pancoran Solas, a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Bali adventure.

Nov 12, 2023 - 06:08
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Pancoran Solas Blayu: Exploring the Hidden Spiritual Uniqueness of Bali
Pancoran Solas Blayu (Photo source: Editorial collection)

Bali, the Island of the Gods, rich in traditions and culture, continues to entice travelers with its unforgettable charm. One unique aspect of Balinese life is the tradition of "melukat," a ritual of self-purification from all things negative, also known as "ruwatan." Melukat is often conducted at sacred water sources, with famous locations including Tirta Empul in Tampak Siring, Sebatu in Gianyar, and Tirta Sudamala in Bangli. However, there is a lesser-known melukat destination for tourists, which is Pancoran Solas in the Tabanan Regency.

Pancoran Solas is situated in the administrative area of Batannyuh Village, Marga District, Tabanan, Bali. Despite its natural beauty and deep spiritual significance, Pancoran Solas has not received the attention it deserves from tourists. Finding this location can be challenging for first-time visitors, as there are no clear signs to guide the way.

Pancoran Solas Blayu (Photo source: Editorial collection)

To reach Pancoran Solas, visitors can start their journey from Belayu Market. From the market, head north along Wisnu Road. After about 1.5 kilometers, you'll come across a small welding workshop on the right side of the road. Just north of this workshop, there is a small dirt road leading east. This road is passable by car, but it's better to park your vehicle by the main road as there is no parking available at the location.

Next, you'll need to walk approximately 400 meters along this dirt road. At the road's end, you'll find stairs leading down to a river. However, before reaching the stairs, you'll see a small dirt road turning north. You should follow this dirt road by foot for about 250 meters. At the end of this dirt road, you'll find a small asbestos-roofed hut, and just north of this hut, the path will curve right toward the river. Across the river is where you'll discover the beautiful Pancoran Solas.

The river you'll need to cross is crystal clear, allowing you to see the water's depth clearly. Nonetheless, remember to be cautious to avoid any unwanted incidents during this journey. Upon reaching Pancoran Solas, you'll experience tranquility and breathtaking natural beauty. This place remains very natural, with exceptionally clear and cool water. Pancoran Solas is known for having 11 fountains of varying heights. Additionally, the area features several statues representing Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, providing a deep spiritual atmosphere.

Road to Pancoran Solas Blayu (Photo source: Editorial Collection)

Pancoran Solas offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere, as it remains relatively unknown to the wider public. Even on sacred days, this place is not too crowded. As a consecrated place, visitors are expected to maintain the purity of their thoughts, words, and actions while here.

Pancoran Solas is not just a place for melukat; it also holds great potential as a spiritual tourist attraction and a new icon for Tabanan. Although accessing Pancoran Solas may be challenging, officials in Belayu Village hope to develop the site seriously, possibly by adding directional signs to make it more accessible for tourists.

For a long time, Pancoran Solas has been known as a haunted place due to many stories of "wong samar" or supernatural beings in the vicinity. However, for those truly seeking melukat and profound spiritual peace, this place remains an intriguing destination. When visiting Pancoran Solas, we are reminded to respect Bali's natural beauty and cultural heritage. This place is a part of Bali's natural and cultural riches that must be preserved for future generations. Let's safeguard the beauty of Bali's nature as a valuable heritage for the generations to come.

Pancoran Solas Blayu (Photo source: Editorial collection)

Pancoran Solas in Belayu Village, Bali, is a tangible testament to the hidden beauty of nature and spirituality on this island. By preserving and respecting this place, we can continue to experience the enchanting wonders of Bali that captivate our hearts and souls. Pancoran Solas is a harmonious blend of spiritual rituals and natural beauty that should not be missed by anyone seeking a unique experience in Bali.

Melukat, or ruwatan, is an essential part of Balinese spiritual life, serving as a cleansing ritual to rid the body and soul of negative energies. Pancoran Solas is one of the most suitable places for this experience.

In the melukat tradition, consecrated water is of paramount importance. Pancoran Solas boasts exceptionally clear and pure water, making it an ideal location for this ritual. Water here flows from cliffs and through 11 fountains, creating a serene and profound atmosphere.

Pancoran Solas also holds an intriguing hidden history. According to the lontar (palm-leaf manuscript) Para Arya Tattwa, the area around Pancoran Solas has been developed since around 1600 AD. It was originally the residence of I Pacung Sakti before he moved to Perean to establish a kingdom. This area was also once used as a stable for keeping horses, an interesting historical trace.

Perean, which means "red land" in Balinese, became the origin of Puri Perean as I Pacung Sakti was directed to occupy this red land. While he briefly stayed around Pancoran Solas, he eventually moved to a more suitable location. This is one example of the diverse legends surrounding this place, adding a mysterious element to it.

One of the main challenges in visiting Pancoran Solas is the difficult access. The location is about one kilometer from the main road, and the road to this place is not always in good condition. Nevertheless, the effort to reach Pancoran Solas is well worth the exceptional spiritual and natural experience that awaits you there.

Pancoran Solas Blayu River (Photo source: Editorial collection)

While Pancoran Solas may not be widely known, there is great potential to develop it as a spiritual tourist attraction and a new icon for Tabanan. Tabanan Regional People's Representative Council member, I Putu Eka Nurcahyadi, hopes the village will take serious steps to develop this place, including adding directional signs to ease access for tourists.

Given the tranquility and strong spiritual aura of Pancoran Solas, it has the potential to become a prime attraction for those seeking a profound spiritual experience in Bali.

Pancoran Solas carries a mysterious aura, especially as it is located by a notoriously eerie river. There are many tales of "wong samar" or supernatural beings wandering around the area. However, for those truly dedicated to melukat and spiritual peace, Pancoran Solas remains an alluring destination. The legends and mysteries surrounding this place only add a magical element to the spiritual experience here.

During your visit to Pancoran Solas, it's essential to always show respect for Bali's natural beauty and cultural heritage. This place is a precious part of Bali's natural and cultural wealth that must be preserved to ensure its continued existence. Through preservation and development efforts, Pancoran Solas can become a flagship destination enriching the experiences of tourists while supporting the sustainability of Bali's unique spiritual and natural life.