Penataran Ped Temple: From the History to the Mystery of 3 Missing Tapels Owned by Ida Pedanda Abiansemal

Nusa Penida is an island located southeast of Bali, Indonesia. The island is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including white sandy beaches, towering cliffs, and spectacular coral reefs surrounding its waters. Nusa Penida also boasts a rich Balinese Hindu culture and heritage, reflected in the sacred temples scattered throughout the island. One of the most significant temples on Nusa Penida is Penataran Ped Temple.

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Penataran Ped Temple: From the History to the Mystery of  3 Missing Tapels Owned by Ida Pedanda Abiansemal
Penataran Ped Temple (Photo Source: Editorial Collection)

Penataran Ped Temple is one of the most sacred holy sites on Nusa Penida, an island located southeast of Bali, Indonesia. This temple serves not only as a spiritual destination for Hindu devotees but also attracts tourists who come to admire the beautiful traditional Balinese architecture and stunning natural scenery. Penataran Ped Temple also has a unique historical story closely linked to the disappearance of three Tapel belonging to Ida Pedanda Abiansemal.

Penataran Ped Temple is situated in the Nusa Penida sub-district of Klungkung Regency, Bali, precisely in the village of Ped. Its location is strategically positioned next to the main road and with a backdrop of the coastline. Apart from its easy accessibility, this temple offers beautiful views.

There are no precise records of when Penataran Ped Temple was built, but like most Hindu temples, this sacred place has a very ancient history. Some believe that Pura Penataran Ped has existed for centuries, continuously undergoing renovations and beautification over time.

The naming of  Penataran Ped Temple is tied to the discovery of three Tapel placed in Dalem Nusa Temple. The emergence of these three Tapel the beginning of the name "Ped." During that period, these tapel were renowned for their extraordinary powers, capable of curing various ailments, both spiritual and physical. Upon hearing news of the three tapel at Dalem Ped Temple, Ida Pedanda Abiansemal embarked on a journey to verify the information.

Upon arriving in Nusa Penida, Ida Pedanda Abiansemal realized that the three tapel were indeed his lost possessions. However, he did not reclaim them outright but instead made an agreement with the people of Nusa Penida that they would care for the tapel diligently and perform rituals in accordance with sincere traditions.

Ratu Gede Temple (Photo Source: Editorial Collection)

In addition to the legend of the lost Tapel, Pura Penataran Ped also has a story closely related to the presence of Ratu Gede Mecaling.

In ancient times, there was a prince named Renggan who married a woman named Ni Merahim. They had two children, a son named I Gede Mecaling and a daughter named Ni Tole. I Gede Mecaling became known as a recluse at Ped due to his unwavering dedication to Tapa Brata Yoga Semadhi at Penataran Ped Temple, aimed at Ida Bhatara Siwa.

On the other hand, Ida Bhatara Siwa was deeply moved by I Gede Mecaling's devotion during his Tapa Brata Yoga. As a result, Ida Bhatara Siwa bestowed upon him a power called Kanda Sanga. This gift transformed I Gede Mecaling into a large, fanged, and fearsome figure with high-level mystical abilities, causing unrest among the celestial beings and gods.

Eventually, the bestower of the gift, Ida Bhatara Siwa, had to cut I Gede Mecaling's long fangs. After this action, tranquility was restored in the universe.

After this incident, I Gede Mecaling resumed his yoga tapa, this time dedicated to Ida Bhatara Rudra. Witnessing his unwavering devotion, Lord Rudra granted him the Panca Taksu, which allowed I Gede Mecaling to lead the beings on Earth, including spirits and demons.

The story concludes with I Gede Mecaling taking his last breath at Penataran Ped Temple, earning him the title of Sugra Pakulun "Ida Bhatara Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling" or "Ida Bhatara Ratu Sakti Mas Mecaling."

The temple's major ceremony, or "piodalan," occurs every six months on the specific day of Rahina Buda Cemeng Klawu and lasts for three days.

The prayer ritual sequence at  Penataran Ped Temple begins with Segara Temple, followed by Ratu Niyang Temple, Taman Temple, and concludes at Ratu Gede Temple.

There are some guidelines to follow when visiting Penataran Ped Temple, including refraining from wearing short-sleeved kebaya, avoiding the use of poleng cloths or shoot flowers, and not singing the Janger songs.