Pengelukatan Beji Selati: Unique Melukat using Red Earth

Bangli, the only regency in Bali that does not have natural resources in the form of sea. But the natural scenery in Bangli is no less beautiful, there are quite a lot of tourist attractions. Bangli has locations for melukat, one of which is Pengelukatan Beji Selati, which has a unique melukat process using red soil. For more details, let's see this article.

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Dec 31, 2023 - 09:23
Pengelukatan Beji Selati: Unique Melukat using Red Earth
Pengelukatan Beji Selati (Photo Source: Author's Collection)

Pengelukatan Beji Selati is located in Banjar Selati, Bunutin Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency. Pengelukatan Beji Selati before being publicized was used as a place of petirtaan sesuhunan Pura Dalem Pingit Pusering Jagad which is located in the Banjar Adat Selati Village Temple. Piodalan Pengelukatan Beji Selati falls on Tumpek Wayang, Rahina Saniscara, Kliwon, Wuku Wayang. Beji Selati has 7 natural springs which are broken down into 13 pancoran. Namely 3 pancoran named pancoran Trimala, 5 pancoran named Pancoran Pancamala, pancoran Ganapati, pancoran Asta Pungku, Tirta Pingit, Tirta Sarining Telas, and pancoran Bangkwanta.

This Pengelukatan has a unique way of melukat, which is a procession of using red soil by smearing it all over the body, and is one of the procedures of a series of melukat processes. The red soil is natural soil that has existed since time immemorial in the Beji Selati area, without any human intervention and far from pollution.

Pelinggih Matur Piuning (Photo Source: Author's Collection)

According to Jro Mangku Bujangga Beji Selati, the red soil in the Beji Selati pengelukatan has been used by the ancestors or pelingsir in Banjar / Selati hamlet in the past to clean teeth and relieve toothache. Over time, many visitors come to do melukat using red soil. Visitors who come generally with complaints of itching, upas, and sometimes people who visit state that their arrival is based on personal desire or pawisik to come to Pengelukatan Beji Selati.

Lingga Naga Statue (Source Photo: Author's Collection)

Before pengelukatan at Beji Selati, there are procedures that have been provided at Pengelukatan Beji Selati, there are procedures for using red soil which become a reference for visitors when carrying out the melukat process. The first step, begins with making offerings in the form of canang or pejati at the matur piuning temple called Sedan Penyapa. The second step, perform prayers by telling the purpose and purpose of coming to Pengelukatan Beji Selati to Ida Bhatara Dalam Pingit. The third step, go down to Beji to offer pejati and canang in the Beji area and 13 pancoran after doing the mebanten process, the pemangku in Beji Selati will ngenter or arrange the devotion/banten. The fourth step is the basic melukat at Campuhan, which is called the meeting of two springs into one. The fifth step, begins with melukat at pancoran 3, which is called pancoran Trimala. In the sixth step, the pamedek do the basic melukat at Pancoran 5, which is called Pancoran Pancamala. The seventh step is the red soil metamba procession. This red soil is taken in Bangkwanta and placed on the Lingga Naga statue, then mashed and mixed with a little water, until smooth, then applied to the body and wait a few minutes to dry. The eighth step, melukat at the pancoran Asta Pungku . The ninth step, melukat at the pancoran Ganapati. Tenth step, melukat at Tirta sarining Telas. The eleventh step, melukat at Tirta Pingit. The twelfth step, is the final melukat at Pancoran Bangkwanta. The last step of the Pengelukatan process is the prayer process guided by Jro Pemangku at Pengelukatan Beji Selati and will get a tridatu bracelet that is put on directly by Jro Pemangku. That is the procedure of the Beji Selati initiation. 

By doing the melukat process, we can not only cleanse ourselves, mind and heart. But also get a spiritual experience.