Pura Arya Brangsinga: The Story of the Balinese Royal Secretary

Arya Brangsinga Temple is a Kawitan temple located in Saba Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. In the main part of the temple mandala there are several shrines and also several bales. The middle part of the mandala or Central Jaba has only one building, namely the bale which is usually used to make offerings. And also in the Nista mandala section of the temple there is a gate leading to the entrance to the temple. This temple is located in an alley and surrounded by housing.

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Pura Arya Brangsinga: The Story of the Balinese Royal Secretary
Arya Brangsinga Temple (Photo Source: Editorial Collection)

The story of Arya Brangsinga's journey is told in the book entitled Babad Arya Kanuruhan which was published by the residents of Arya Kanuruhan. Arya Brangsinga is the first son or eldest son of Arya Kanuruhan and has two younger siblings, namely Arya Tangkas and Arya Pegatepan. He thought he had the same knowledge in state government, therefore all his sons were made companions of the king. Meanwhile, his eldest son was appointed by the king as a replacement for his father Arya Kanuruhan as minister of state secretary. What was very difficult for Arya Brangsinga in government, was because the king who had the title Dalem Hile was not sane, so in the end many people from Java were dissatisfied, therefore Arya Brangsinga held a Royal Council to make a decision to appoint Dalem Ketut Ngelesir as king.

Dalem Ketut Ngelisir, every day goes to the villages to gamble. Thanks to the wisdom of the orderlies, he was finally found in Pandakan village by the Gelgel village chief and here he was asked to become king, so a new kingdom was founded, namely the Gelgel Kingdom, in the year 1305.

In running his government, Dalem Ketut Ngelesir appointed several assistants, namely, Kryan Patandakan who was appointed as Tanda Mantri, Arya Kubon Badan was appointed as Patih, and Arya Brangsinga was appointed as minister of state secretary. Arya Brangsinga, who serves as minister of state secretary, has 2 children named Kiyayi Brangsinga Pandita who is his first child and his younger brother named Kiyayi Madya Kanuruhan.

His two sons are very handsome and have very high knowledge of government. Therefore, one of his sons, named Kiyayi Brangsinga Pandita, was entrusted as companion to King Dalem Ketut Smara Kepakisan (Dalem Ketut Ngulesir). When he was invited to appear before Sri Maha Raja Hayam Wuruk in the Majapahit kingdom, at that time King Hayam Wuruk would perform the Caradha ceremony, which is a ceremony which is held once every 12 years with the aim of honoring the spirits of the ancestors of the Majapahit kings, besides this ceremony being a ceremony religious, this ceremony also has a political meaning, where during this ceremony the dukes and subordinate kings are brought to bear tribute as a sign of obedience, so that King Hayam Wuruk's dignity rises.