The Hidden Beauty of Langgahan Waterfall

Langgahan Waterfall is a waterfall that has a lot of beauty that many people don't know about. This waterfall, which has been open for 3 years, offers stunning natural wisdom and is used as a place to take photos and make vlog videos.

Dec 1, 2023 - 06:23
Sep 27, 2023 - 09:54
The Hidden Beauty of Langgahan Waterfall
The Natural Charm of Langgahan Waterfall (Photo Source: Own Collection)
The Hidden Beauty of Langgahan Waterfall

Langgahan Waterfall is a waterfall located in Langgahan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali which has extraordinary natural charm, starting from beautiful waterfalls which are an attraction for local and foreign tourists, to other interesting things in the area. this waterfall.

However, there are interesting things at the Langgahan waterfall in Kintamani sub-district. When I left the Jimbaran boarding house to go to the Langgahan waterfall which took around 2 hours 45 minutes guided using Google Map, when I got there I was still confused, why is this road rocky and damaged? After I talked to farmers in Langgahan Village, it turned out that this is where the Langgahan waterfall is, but you can only walk when you want to travel to the waterfall. "If you want to travel to the Langgahan waterfall which can be accessed by motorbike, then go to the Langgahan waterfall, the only other one whose access road passes through Langgahan village," said the farmer who was returning from the rice fields in Langgahan Village.

Once I remembered what the farmer in Langgahan Village said, I still had difficulty finding the real Langgahan waterfall. Finally I asked the shop owner in the village, and finally showed me the direction to Langgahan waterfall. After I got the direction to the waterfall, I set off and at a normal motorbike speed of around 50 to 60 km/hour I followed the road. And when I passed that road, there was a steep road that contained cliffs around it and there was a warning sign "Be Careful of Landslides" which explained that there was a landslide on that road, but fortunately I passed this road without any rain.

However, a new problem came again when I saw that there were two roads in front of me, but fortunately there was a woman who was picking flowers near the road. I also asked the mother, and in the end the mother who took the flowers showed me the direction to go to the Langgahan waterfall.

As soon as I passed the village area, I was presented with a beautiful view and Langgahan village was located after I passed the rice fields. But I was still hesitant about going to that area of ​​the road, so I asked one of the residents who lived there. After being given directions by one of the residents who lived there, I went straight to the waterfall. When I passed the road there, the hairs on the back of my neck got a little goosebumps because the road was very quiet and steep so I had to be more alert to extreme roads.

When I arrived there, I saw a sign "Welcome to Langgahan Village Waterpark" which indicated that this was a place that could be passed by motorbikes who wanted to go to the waterfall. Then I saw foreigners who had just finished their tour of the waterfall, about four foreigners who were returning from the waterfall. And when I arrived at the waterfall, I was warmly welcomed by a waterfall guard from Langgahan Village who was on guard there.

Entrance tickets for local tourists are charged ten thousand rupiah and twenty thousand rupiah for foreign or international tourists. I was amazed when I entered the waterfall and saw the water flowing fast down the cliff. After I enjoyed the view of the waterfall, I asked the guard where the waterfall was and received information that the Langgahan waterfall has two routes, the first route can only be accessed on foot while the second route can be accessed by motorbike. Apart from that, the waterfall that I visited is a waterfall that is not only used as a tourist attraction, but this place is also used for melis or melukat. The name of the waterfall I visited was "Langgahan Pelisan Kangin Waterpark" and this waterfall is managed by Bumdes.

The Coolness of Langgahan Pelisan Kangin Waterfall (Photo Source: Own Collection)

The name Pelisan in the sentence "Langgahan Pelisan Kangin Waterpark" is taken from the word "lis" which means melis (cleansing oneself from negative elements). Usually, during major Hindu religious holidays such as the Galungan and Kuningan holidays, Saraswati, Banyu Pinaruh, many people come here to melukat in order to receive grace from Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa or Almighty God while also avoiding negative elements in humans. And this place is also used as a neutralizer or to remove the power of black magic that penetrates the bodies of victims affected by black magic. When I talked to the keeper of the Langgahan waterfall, he explained to me that there had been an incident where a guest from Yogyakarta deliberately came to this place to release the influence of black magic on his body, but before entering the waterfall, the devil who resides in him is reluctant to enter the waterfall while crying, said the waterfall guard.

Langgahan Pelisan Kangin Waterfall Flow (Photo Source: Own Collection)

There are two spots at the waterfall, namely Langgahan Spot 1 where people often do ngelis or melukat and also the main route to see the waterfall directly. Meanwhile, Langgahan Spot 2 is an area filled with rocks, but the water there is quite strong. The opening hours for this waterfall are from eight in the morning to seven in the evening Central Indonesian Time, however, a waterfall guard there said that the closing time for this waterfall is uncertain, it could be five or six in the afternoon.

After I talked to a waterfall guard there, I went home at night. And at night in Kintamani the air was so cold and there was so much dew that my road visibility was slightly reduced and my body was cold when I rode my motorbike home alone. However, I returned to the boarding house in Jimbaran safely.