Blimbing Wuluh Fruit Traditional Medicine In Bali

Blimbing Wuluh fruit (Averrhoa Bilimbi) is a plant commonly found throughout Bali. The fruit has a unique shape, like a star fruit, but smaller and green in color. Blimbing Wuluh is often used in Balinese cuisine to give a sour and fresh flavor to dishes, such as sambal, vegetables, and fish. However, what makes this fruit truly special is its important role in traditional Balinese medicine, known as Ushada Bali.

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Blimbing Wuluh Fruit Traditional Medicine In Bali
Blimbing Wuluh Fruit Plant (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

Blimbing wuluh is very popular among the Balinese, even more so than sweet star fruit. Many research results mention the potential of a plant in treating certain diseases or as an antibacterial. However, the use of chemical antimicrobials in food products is more popular. The result of using chemical antimicrobials as preservatives is more effective and relatively cheap. There are those who utilize belimbing wuluh fruit to make sweets and syrup, as a cosmetic ingredient and shine items made of brass.

Blimbing Wuluh Fruit (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

Usually the fruit, stems, flowers and leaves are widely used to cure diseases such as; aches, mumps, cough in children, ordinary cough or whooping cough, rheumatism, mouth ulcers, acne and panic. Belimbing Wuluh can also relieve analgesic pain, increase bile output, anti-inflammatory, urinary, astringent.

What is Ushada Bali?

Ushada is an integral part of Balinese culture, where traditional healing is associated with the power of nature and spirituality. Ushada often involves the use of herbs, concoctions, and special rituals passed down through generations. One such example is the Blimbing Wuluh fruit, which is not only used in delicious Balinese cuisine, but also has an important role in traditional medicine for the Balinese people. This article will uncover the wonders of Blimbing Wuluh fruit in Balinese traditional medicine and relate it to the practice of traditional Balinese medicine known as Ushada Bali.

Usadha Dalem Medicine is intended for people with internal diseases. The treatment is very diverse because internal diseases have various types as well. The kinds of diseases that are treated by Usadha Dalem Medicine include diseases affected by poisons, stomach pain, worming, swollen stomach, and drugs related to female and male reproductive organs. In treating internal diseases, as well as other health problems, can utilize natural ingredients derived from local plants, such as Blimbing Wuluh.

Blimbing Wuluh Fruit Plant (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

Here are some ways to utilize Blimbing Wuluh for traditional medicine in Bali:

Overcoming Digestive Problems: You can consume it directly or make belimbing wuluh juice to help relieve such symptoms. Overcoming Sore Throat: The boiled water of belimbing wuluh leaves can be used as a gargle to soothe a sore throat. Lowers Fever: You can consume belimbing wuluh juice or compress the body with cold boiled water of belimbing wuluh leaves. Treats Minor Wounds: You can apply star fruit juice to minor wounds to help speed up the healing process. Lowers Blood Pressure: Some studies show that star fruit can help lower blood pressure, so it can be beneficial for people with hypertension. However, again, consult a traditional medicine expert before using it as a treatment.