Plawa Leaf Sap, Effective Medicine for Minor Wounds

Minor accidents such as scratches and abrasions often occur in our daily lives. In such situations, providing prompt and appropriate first aid can make a significant difference in speeding up the healing process and preventing the risk of infection. One natural remedy that has been traditionally used to assist in treating minor wounds is plawa leaf latex (Ficus benjamina). This latex possesses beneficial properties for first aid in managing minor wounds. This article will explain the benefits of plawa leaf latex and how to use it to care for minor wounds.

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Sep 18, 2023 - 16:20
Plawa Leaf Sap, Effective Medicine for Minor Wounds
Plawa Plant ( Image Editor )

The plant known as "puring" or more commonly referred to by the Balinese community as "plawa" is scientifically named Codiaeum variegatum, and it is an ornamental plant often found in gardens.

Puring or Plawa is also a popular ornamental plant due to its diverse leaf shapes and colors. This plant displays a wide range of leaf color variations, including green, red, yellow, orange, purple, and various combinations. The leaf shapes can also vary, ranging from elongated to oval and others.

Uniquely, aside from being an ornamental plant, puring or plawa can also be used as a medicinal plant to treat illnesses. In the Lontar Taru Pramana, it is explained that puring or plawa can be used as a remedy for hearing impairments. Previously, Lontar Taru Pramana was a Balinese manuscript that detailed traditional herbal medicine methods, including information about various medicinal plants and their functions in treatment. Puring or plawa is one such plant.

Plawa Plant ( Image Editor )

This relates to "Usadha Bali" which means that the Balinese community uses puring or plawa as traditional medicinal plants. Over time, this plant has been used to treat more than one ailment, including wound healing.

The sap from plawa leaves can heal wounds and is used as a first aid remedy for minor injuries such as scratches or scrapes that commonly occur in daily life. Thus, puring leaf sap can be a valuable first aid treatment because it can expedite healing and reduce the risk of infection.

In some regions of Bali, the use of puring sap as a wound remedy has become a tradition passed down through generations. The application is quite simple. First, select fresh puring or plawa leaves. Then, tear the part of the leaf containing sap. The sap will flow from the torn area, and gently press the leaf to extract the sap. Before applying the sap, ensure that the wound is cleaned. Once it's clean, you can evenly apply the sap to the wound and allow it to dry.

This process can be repeated until the wound has completely healed. Moreover, the benefits of the puring plant are diverse. Its roots can be used for treating abdominal pain, while its stems are utilized as a remedy for syphilis.