Jagasatru Waterfall with the Statue of Lord Brahma

Jagasatru Waterfall is a waterfall located in the Pateh Village, East Selat Duda District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. If you are coming from the town of Amlapura and wish to reach Jagasatru Waterfall, it takes quite a while, approximately around 37 minutes, covering a distance of about 18 kilometers. However, the duration of this journey will be well worth it once you see and experience the beauty and purity of Jagasatru Waterfall.

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Jagasatru Waterfall with the Statue of Lord Brahma
Jagasatru Waterfall (Source: Channel Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

Jagasatru Waterfall is a waterfall located in Pateh Traditional Village, East Selat Duda District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. If you come from Amlapura City and want to go to Jagasatru Waterfall, it will take quite a long time, namely approximately 37 minutes and the distance required is around 18 km. However, the long journey will be worth it after you see and enjoy the beauty and sacredness of Jagasatru Waterfall.

Jagasatru Waterfall is not just an ordinary natural tourist spot, but is also a deep spiritual symbol. The name "Jagasatru" itself has a deep meaning, consisting of two words, "Jaga" which means to guard, and "Satru" which means enemy.Thus, Jagasatru has the meaning of protecting oneself from all potential enemies by going through a healing process that involves purifying the soul.

The Jagasatru Waterfall construction project began in 2014 and was successfully completed in 2021. This destination consists of three different tourist attractions, each of which has special regulations that must be respected by visitors. The three objects are the statue of Lord Brahma, the Jagasatru Waterfall itself, and the healing place which is used to purify oneself from things that are considered dirty.

When you first arrive at the Lord Brahma Statue area, visitors will be greeted with a healing experience using holy water available in front of it.This place is a very sacred location for the Hindu community. To pray here, visitors must comply with several applicable rules, including wearing traditional prayer clothing or at least medium-light traditional clothing.

The Statue of Lord Brahma (Source: Channel Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

The statue of Lord Brahma itself is an important symbol in Balinese Hindu belief, with a height of around 13 meters and a width of 9 meters.This statue was built to complete the Tri Murti concept in Hinduism, which includes God Brahma as the creator, God Vishnu as the preserver, and God Shiva as the destroyer. Apart from the statue of Lord Brahma at Jagasatru Waterfall, there are also other statues of Dewa Tri Murti which can be found in Tabanan and Jimbaran.

To get to the Jagasatru Waterfall area and the spot, visitors have to climb around 165 steps. When you reach the junction between the waterfall and the lookout, there are two very clear options. Heading to the left will take you to the charming Jagasatru Waterfall, while choosing to the right will take you to the holy healing spot.

Jagasatru Waterfall (Source: Channel Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

Before entering the Jagasatru Waterfall area, you are expected to wear traditional middle school clothing or at least wear a scarf.For those who are Hindu, it is highly recommended to bring canang to offer it at the base of Jagasatru Waterfall. Jagasatru Waterfall has a height of around 30 meters, with a water pool that is around 1.5 meters deep, suitable for soaking yourself and feeling the calm that only nature can provide.

The last area at Jagasatru Waterfall is the penglukatan place which is a very holy place. This place is used by Hindus to cleanse themselves of everything that is considered dirty. Visitors, whether Hindu or not, are expected to wear kamen and shawls. If you want to carry out the penglukatan, it is important to bring a canang or pejati which will be placed on the pelinggih in the area of ​​the penglukatan.

Purification fountain at the Ritual Site (Source: Channel Pujangga Nagari Nusantara)

The purification process begins at the Jagasatru Waterfall Area, which is equipped with a holy water fountain that can be used to cleanse oneself. Visitors must follow the correct painting sequence, starting from the first shower to the last.Apart from the rules, there are also strict prohibitions in the wounding area, such as using soap, saying harsh words, or romantic behavior, because this place is considered very sacred.

After visiting or praying at Jagasatru Waterfall, visitors have the opportunity to make a voluntary donation, called “dana punia.”This is a way to contribute to the maintenance and sustainability of Jagasatru Waterfall. This donation is not mandatory, but is seen as a kind act that helps maintain the beauty of this place for future generations.

Jagasatru Waterfall is a unique destination that combines natural beauty and spiritual purity. This place is suitable for experiencing stunning nature as well as moments of spiritual reflection. It is always important to respect local rules and culture and keep this place clean, so that its beauty and holiness remains for future generations. In this way, Jagasatru Waterfall will continue to be a special place for tourists and peace seekers.