Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas: Beauty and Blessings in the Middle of Taman Mumbul

Melukat is a Hindu spiritual practice on the island of Bali that encompasses a number of purposes, from spiritually cleansing oneself, to maintaining good health, to bringing in good fortune. Today, melukat has also become part of the travel experience for travelers interested in the spiritual aspect, given that the process involves cleansing oneself using holy spring water. Bali itself offers a variety of melukat destinations, and one of them is Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas.

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Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas: Beauty and Blessings in the Middle of Taman Mumbul
Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas (Source: Private Collection)
Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas: Beauty and Blessings in the Middle of Taman Mumbul

Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas, a religious tourist destination located in the Taman Mumbul area, Sangeh village, Abiansemal sub-district, Badung regency, offers an enthralling spiritual experience amidst beautiful natural beauty. Although it has been established since 2016, the popularity of this place has recently increased, and its careful management provides adequate facilities for visitors.

The main attraction of this place is the natural beauty of its peaceful surroundings. It is suitable for those who seek peace and want to experience blessings in the midst of nature. However, a visit to Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas has certain rules, where visitors are required to wear a cloth or shawl and bring offerings or canang as part of the pengelukatan procession.

Before melukat, visitors will be guided to perform prayers led by local pemangku.

The Prayer Process was Led by Pemangku (Source: Private Collection)

The Pengelukatan procession starts from the east and proceeds to the west, following the flow of eleven showers that flow fast and clear, coming from natural springs. The existence of this holy water gives a special nuance to every step in the procession.

The "Pengelukatan" Procession at Pancoran Solas  (Source: Private Collection)

Upon entering the Pancoran Solas Pengelukatan area, visitors are greeted by a large fish pond containing various types of fish, including koi and tilapia. To the right of the pond, there is a wantilan as a place to rest and enjoy a meal for visitors. Other facilities such as toilets and a place to change clothes before and after melukat have also been provided.

In addition to the pancoran, there is the Taman Pancaka Tirta Temple which stands majestically to the north of the fish pond. This temple is an integral part of the spiritual experience at Pengelukatan Pancoran Solas.

To access this religious tourist destination, visitors are charged a parking fee of 5 thousand rupiah. If visitors do not bring equipment such as cloth or a change of clothes, they can rent them on the spot for 5 thousand rupiah. In addition, lockers are available at a rate of 10 thousand rupiah to store personal belongings, making it easier for visitors who want to undergo the pengelukatan procession without bringing items that are not needed during the pengelukatan procession.

Pancoran Solas offers more than just a religious tourist destination, it is a religious tourism journey that combines natural beauty and blessings in every second. With organized rules and facilities, this place is ready to welcome visitors who are looking for peace and a deep religious experience.

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