The Splendor of the White Sands of Segara Beach

Bali is an island that has many beautiful beaches, always a destination for foreign tourists, one of which is - Segara Beach

Sep 8, 2023 - 08:37
Sep 9, 2023 - 05:18
The Splendor of the White Sands of Segara Beach
Segara Beach (Source : Original Photo)

Who doesn't like the beauty of the beach? Moreover, the beach with white sand is beautiful and majestic. The beach is one of God's enchantingly beautiful creations. The wide expanse of blue sea, the soothing waves, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets are used for religious rituals by the Balinese.

In the Sengkidu area, Manggis, Karangasem there is a beach called Segara Beach. Access to Segara Beach can be by car, motorcycle or on foot. The distance that needs to be taken from Karangasem City to Segara Beach is approximately 18 km and takes 1 hour to travel. And from the city of Denpasar approximately 50 km and takes 2 hours of travel.

This beach is crowded with visitors during Rahinan Kajeng Kliwon, Rahinan Banyu Pinaruh, and during holidays or weekends. This beach is usually visited by the general public of Sengkidu village and its surroundings and also foreign tourists.

White sands of Segara Beach (Source : Original Photo)

Segara Beach is a crowded point, especially during holidays. There are those who play in the water, fly kites, sit back while enjoying coffee from the stalls around the beach, or fishermen who gather at the wantilan hall. A wantilan, open space for the Candi Bahari fishermen group. The beach presents a variety of natural beauty that is still maintained today. This is evident from the clean white sand, then the marine life that is still beautiful, the blue sea also adorns Segara Beach.

Abrasion that has occurred since the 1990s has consumed a number of land areas including hotel buildings, villas, residential areas and temples for prayer. One of them is a place of prayer that residents use to purify themselves. This complex leaves a monument in the middle of the sea on Segara beach. Traces of abrasion that extend the coast up to about 100 meters inland.

If it goes into the sea, there will be dead corals or a few new corals. This expanse of coral is quite wide. Towards the afternoon, the water receded and many residents walked to the line of kribs which were built to break the waves. Reduces abrasion rate. But now on Segara Beach a dam has been made to hold back sea water when big waves occur.

Segara Beach is visited by many people because it is comfortable, quiet, has good views and is beautiful to look at, plus a refreshing breeze. On the coast there are stalls, boats belonging to the fishermen, hotels, villas, temples, and shady trees that contribute to the soothing atmosphere of the beach.

This beach is also often used for religious rituals by the people of Sengkidu village, one example is when Aci Usaba Sambah, the community will bring (ngiring) the people from the Puseh temple in Sengkidu village to Segara Beach to purify the people in the Puseh temple or what is usually called Penyujukan Kesegare Mendak Bhatara Majapahit.

The road to Segara Beach is not difficult. From the Sengkidu Village main road, then when you meet the Sengkidu Perbekel Office there is a T-junction heading south. Visitors just have to follow the road until they meet a T-junction. At the T-junction there is Galuh Temple then turn left. Next to the temple, visitors just have to keep walking until they reach Segara Beach.

The uniqueness of Segara Beach is that its shape resembles a semi-circular dam that stems the waves from the open sea. And the photo spot from this beach is that there is a dam where vines grow from the top to the bottom of the dam.

The thing you need to pay attention to about the beach is of course maintaining the cleanliness of the beach itself. No matter how beautiful the beach is, if cleanliness is not maintained then we will not be able to fully enjoy this beauty. Moreover, the coast of Segara Beach next to Villa Nusa Indah has lots of piles of hotel rubbish which disturbs the comfort of the eye. Even though it has been cleaned up, piles of rubbish are still coming in, whether from consigned rubbish or from visitors themselves.