Ubud Art Market: Immersing Art Values Through Transactions

A market is a place for buying and selling goods, which is often associated with the sale of basic necessities. However, what if a market sells items that hold artistic value? Such market exists in Ubud, known as Ubud Art Market.

Apr 22, 2024 - 05:00
Dec 16, 2023 - 22:24
Ubud Art Market: Immersing Art Values Through Transactions
Ubud Art Market (Source: Private Collection)

Ubud Art Market is situated on the heart of Ubud, in the Gianyar Regency of Bali. True to its name, the market offers a variety of products with artistic values, aligning perfectly with Ubud's reputation as a pivot of arts.

The Entrance of the Market (Source: Private Collection)

Like any typical market, there is a process of buying and selling transactions between sellers and buyers. What sets it apart is the broader scope of buyers, mainly dominated by international tourists who visit and dominates the market.

Visitors Looking Around the Market (Source: Private Collection)

The diverse origins of buyers engaging in transactions at Ubud Art Market does not hinder sellers and buyers from negotiating. When international buyers attempt to negotiate product prices using English, or their native languages, sellers do their best to understand and accommodate customer requests. Of course, not every offered price is immediately accepted. Thus, sellers and buyers communicate to reach a mutually agreeable price.

The negotiation process not only forms agreements, but also builds an interaction that have friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Exchange of offers, and sharing of opinions occurs peacefully with smiles, creating a warm environment. Buyers can feel the warmth and friendliness of the sellers, who are predominantly local residents of Bali. This contributes to the formation of a positive identity for Balinese culture.

Original Painting Drawn by Local Artist (Source: Private Collection)

With the establishment of this market, it indirectly helps boost the local economy. Craftsmen and artists selling their works through these traders also benefits, as significant portions of these buyers highly cherish the artistic value of the pieces created by these artists.

Ubud Art Market is not just a shopping center; it is also a place for human interaction. Moreover, with the existence of Ubud Art Market, the preservation of culture and art from local craftsmen and artists in Bali, particularly in Ubud, is supported. Visitors can experience the evolving culture of Bali that evolve by times, but does not lose authenticities and traditional elements of its culture. As visitors conclude their exploration of the market, they take home not only the products they had purchased, but also an experience and desire to further preserve the existing culture.