Uma Anyar Waterfall, Hidden Natural Beauty in Gianyar

Bali, a paradise island in Indonesia, is famous for its stunning natural beauty. One hidden destination worth visiting is Uma Anyar Waterfall. This enchanting waterfall is relatively new to the tourism scene, offering visitors a serene atmosphere into the arms of nature. With its cascading waters, green surroundings, and serene atmosphere, Uma Anyar Waterfall is a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic Balinese experience.

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Uma Anyar Waterfall, Hidden Natural Beauty in Gianyar
Uma Anyar Waterfall (Source : Private Collection)
Uma Anyar Waterfall, Hidden Natural Beauty in Gianyar
Uma Anyar Waterfall, Hidden Natural Beauty in Gianyar

Uma Anyar Waterfall is located in Kemenuh Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The waterfall is also close to other tourist attractions such as Sumampan Waterfall which is located about 1 km from Uma Anyar Waterfall. This waterfall was only opened to the public in 2020, but has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in Gianyar. To get to this waterfall, tourists can use a private vehicle by taking the route to Kemenuh Village from the center of Denpasar City as far as 21 km which requires 45 minutes of travel time if using a two-wheeled vehicle.

This waterfall has a height of about 10 meters and consists of two levels and steps like a rice field. At the first level, the waterfall is about 5 meters high as well as the second level which has the same height as the first level. This waterfall flows from the same river as Sumampan waterfall, namely the Petanu River which originates from the Kintamani mountains. This waterfall also forms a natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall so that this pool can invite visitors to enjoy the clarity of the water and swim under the soothing waterfall.

Uma Anyar Waterfall (Source : Private Collection)

The waterfall is managed by the Kemenuh Kangin Kelompok Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis). Pokdarwis is a community organization engaged in tourism that was formed in 2020 with the aim of managing tourism potential in Kemenuh Village, including Uma Anyar Waterfall. Uma Anyar Waterfall is open every day from 08.00 to 17.00 WITA. To enter this waterfall, tourists only need to buy a ticket which is priced at IDR 15,000 per person. The entrance ticket price includes parking fees and prices are subject to change at any time.

Fish Pond (Source : Private Collection)

Around the waterfall, there are several facilities provided by the management that can be used by tourists, such as parking lots and toilets. In addition, there is also a pond filled with fish that can relieve stress and reconcile the mood of tourists in the midst of anxiety. If you visit the area around the waterfall, you will find several wooden signs with simple words that make the visitors' day better.

Holy Spring Water (Source : Private Collection)

Around the waterfall there is also a holy spring water that is allowed for visitors who want to wash with the provision of wearing only a sarong and shawl. However, this holy spring water cannot be used carelessly such as bathing, washing clothes, and for women who are undergoing menstrual periods. This holy spring is also a place to perform religious rituals. Many people come here to perform the melukat ritual, a spiritual cleansing ritual.

Statue (Source : Private Collection)

Besides the beauty of the waterfall, Uma Anyar Waterfall also has another attraction, which is the statues around the waterfall. The statues are made by local artists and depict various elements of Balinese culture, such as gods and goddesses, animals, and puppet characters. The statues add to the beauty and uniqueness of Uma Anyar Waterfall. They are also popular photo spots for tourists.

Flirting Board (Source : Private Collection)

Uma Anyar Waterfall is a natural tourist destination that is suitable to be visited with family or friends. This waterfall offers stunning natural beauty and a cool and beautiful atmosphere so you can take pictures there to capture precious moments.

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