Barong Landung: The Embodiment of the King and Empress of the Balingkang Kingdom, Due to the Anger of Dewi Danu

Barong Landung is a barong characterized by being large and tall. Many versions tell the background of Barong Landung. On this occasion, we will discuss the version of Barong Landung that is believed to be made to commemorate the leader of the Balingkang Kingdom.

Oct 5, 2023 - 06:51
Sep 25, 2023 - 21:04
Barong Landung: The Embodiment of the King and Empress of the Balingkang Kingdom, Due to the Anger of Dewi Danu
Barong Landung (Photo Source: Pujangga Nagari Nusantara Channel)

There are many stories circulating in the community about Barong Landung. Although there are various versions, this one story is the most famous among the people. Although rarely heard by the general public, this story is very embedded among the Balinese people. The story tells the story of the King of Balingkang Kingdom and a Chinese princess.

Bali Purwa 1178-1181 AD, is the time setting of this story. The Balingkang Kingdom at that time was led by a king named Jayapangus who was enamored with the beauty of a Chinese princess, Kang Cing Wie, and was rumored to be holding a wedding. Kang Cing Wie herself was the daughter of Tuan Subandar who was a merchant from China.

On the other hand, the king's advisor known as Mpu Siwagandu advised the king of the calamities that would befall King Jayapangus' domain if the marriage went ahead. Despite his concerns, this advice was ignored by the king, who remained determined to go ahead with his marriage to Kang Cing Wie.

A few days later, the wedding of the Balingkang Kingdom leader was finally held. Not long after the king's wedding, storms and other natural disasters hit the Balingkang Kingdom area. So the king decided with his people who survived to find a new place and build his palace there.

Pura Dalem Balingkang (Photo Source: Pujangga Nagari Nusantara Channel)

The area is now known as Pinggan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli. Finally, it became the place where the Balingkang Kingdom was re-established after the natural disaster that befell the kingdom before. The palace of Balingkang Kingdom is now known as Pura Dalem Balingkang.

But on the other hand, after many years of marriage, King Jayapangus and his consort Kang Cing Wie were not blessed with offspring. Therefore, King Jayapangus decided to travel far to Mount Batur to meditate in order to be given the gift of an offspring.

On Mount Batur, the king met a beautiful woman named Dewi Danu. The king was captivated by Dewi Danu's beauty and confessed that he was still a virgin and unmarried. Dewi Danu believed it until they both finally decided to get married and were blessed with a son named Mayadenawa.

On the other hand, the king did not return from his meditation for a long time, making his wife Kang Cing Wie feel worried, she then decided to follow her husband to Mount Batur. Kang Cing Wie finally found her husband King Jayapangus. The king who saw his wife, accidentally called her as my wife in front of Dewi Danu. Hearing this, made Dewi Danu angry because she felt that she had been deceived by King Jayapangus. Dewi Danu's anger could not be contained until she finally burned King Jayapangus along with his wife Kang Cing Wie.

The people of Balingkang kingdom who knew about it felt sad and begged Dewi Danu to restore the life of their royal leader as before. But unfortunately it could not be done. Dewi Danu who felt sorry for the people of Balingkang Kingdom, instead gave advice to make two large dolls similar to human form and then named Barong.

To distinguish the king and his consort, Dewi Danu suggested that the two dolls be colored in different colors, namely black and white. The black colored doll became the symbol of the male or the King Jayapangus, while the white colored doll became the symbol of the female or her consort Kang Cing Wie. People who see the dolls are large and have an unusual height, making people call it Barong Landung.

In addition to distinguishing them, the different colors of Barong Landung also mean that there are two conflicting elements in human beings, but they must still combine to create balance and harmony in life.

Barong Landung (Photo Source: Pujangga Nagari Nusantara Channel)

Each element of the Barong Landung has a unique meaning and symbolism. The long, flowing black hair of the male Barong Landung depicts a human being who finds it difficult to escape from emotions, anxiety and hatred. The large, sharp eyes reflect a watchdog role over human behavior, both good and bad. The wide mouth with sharp teeth and fangs on the male Barong symbolizes the ability to express anger and a very strong determination.

As for the female Barong Landung, her hair is depicted long and in a bun, which symbolizes peace and a neutral attitude in dealing with all aspects of life. Her eyes are depicted narrow with a prominent forehead, depicting calmness in thinking and wisdom. Unlike the male Barong Landung, the female Barong Landung is depicted smiling with a smile that symbolizes gentleness, patience, and subtlety in speech.

Barong Landung was made in order to always remember the leader of the Balingkang Kingdom community at that time. Which is now Barong Landung is one of the sacred barongs and has a function as a repellent and provider of prosperity for its people. Barong Landung can be found in several areas such as Denpasar City, Badung Regency, Gianyar, and Tabanan.

Barong Landung is generally performed during piodalan at the Village Temple and Puseh and often appears at certain Dewa Yadnya ceremonies. At certain times or usually once every six months, Barong Landung will be paraded around the village with the aim of creating balance and harmony in the universe.

Barong Landung is one of the sacred arts and traditions in Bali. As the next generation, we should move to maintain and preserve every art and tradition that has existed for generations.