Kereban Langit Temple: A Sacred Place for Fertility Prayers in Bali

Kereban Langit Temple in Bali is a sacred place that offers a unique experience with its naturally open-sky architecture within a cave. This place holds significant historical value related to the birth of the twin kings, Sri Masula-Masuli, and is believed to be a place for praying for fertility. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy tranquility in the peaceful surroundings of the temple, surrounded by lush greenery and the Campuhan River. The temple is also believed to house sacred water that can bestow blessings upon those who visit with sincere devotion.

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Kereban Langit Temple: A Sacred Place for Fertility Prayers in Bali
Kereban Langit Temple (Source: Editorial Collection)

Bali has many temples that are interesting to visit, one of them is Kereban Langit temple. Kereban Langit temple is one of the temples located in Sading Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali. This temple has a uniqueness because it is inside a cave that has a hole in the top, so some of the temple rooms are roofed by the sky. This temple also has a history that is closely related to the birth of the conjoined twin king Sri Masula-Masuli, who was the ruler of the ancient Balinese kingdom in the 14th century AD. This temple is a place that is visited by many Hindus, especially married couples who want to ask for offspring.

Kereban Langit temple is a Dang Kahyangan and public temple, so everyone who is Hindu can worship here without knowing kasta and kawitan. The name of this temple comes from the word “kereb” which means roof, so it means a temple roofed by the sky. This temple also has a unique background and is believed to be able to provide blessings for people who need help with sincere, devout, and high-confidence requests. 

Pura Kereban Langit is estimated to have existed since 923 BC or 1001 AD. There is no definite record of who built Kereban Langit temple. However, according to local folklore, this temple was built by a hermit who lived in the cave. The hermit was known as a person who had supernatural powers and had extensive knowledge. 

Gapura Kereban Langit Temple (Source: Editorial Collection)

Kereban Langit temple was built as a sacred place for Hindus in Bali. In addition, this temple also has a special function as a place to ask for offspring. This is related to the history of the birth of Sri Masula-Masuli, the conjoined twin king who was the ruler of the ancient Balinese kingdom in the 14th century AD. According to local folklore, their father Sri Jayakasunu, had no offspring for quite a long time. Various efforts were made, until finally he got a clue to look for tirta salaka or holy water in a cave. Then an envoy was sent to look for the water. The envoy arrived at the cave where Kereban Langit temple was located. When entering the cave, the king’s envoy found a spring, he was sure that the water in the cave was the tirta salaka he meant. He took the water and then gave it to the king. After being drunk by the king and his queen, they were soon blessed with conjoined twin children named Sri Masula-Masuli. The children then grew up to be wise and fair kings.

Taman Beji Kereban Langit Temple (Source: Editorial Collection)

This temple has high historical and religious values for the Balinese people. They believe that this temple is a place to ask for offspring, ward off negative energy, and heal various diseases with tirta salaka that is in this temple. To get tirta salaka, people usually do 'melukat' first in Taman Beji which is located in front of this temple. Melukat aims to cleanse the soul from dirty thoughts, boredom, and black magic influences so that we can become more calm, comfortable, and peaceful. After melukat, we are allowed to enter the inner part of the temple and perform prayers to get tirta salaka.

Statues and Relief in Kereban Langit Temple (Source: Editorial Collection)

This temple is a spiritual and cultural tourist attraction for Hindus and other visitors because of the natural beauty and unique and interesting architecture, around the temple there are also statues and sculptures typical of ancient times. Some of the statues in this temple total 6 pieces according to the Badung regency culture office. The relief in this temple depicts a puppet character who is estimated to be Arjuna in the Mahabharata epic according to Jro Mangku Witera. The statues and reliefs in Kereban Langit temple have high artistic and cultural values, and are silent witnesses of the development of civilization on the island of Bali so that Keraban Langit temple is designated as a cultural heritage by the Badung regency culture office.

Kereban Langit temple has a charming beauty because of its unique and natural location. This temple offers a different view from other temples in Bali. This temple is located inside a cave that has a large hole in it, so that sunlight can enter and illuminate the inside of the cave. This temple also has a distinctive architecture with ornate statues and ancient sculptures. The atmosphere at the temple is very peaceful and quiet, suitable for meditating and contemplating life. Surrounded by green trees and the Campuhan river that flows beside it, adding freshness and coolness to the air around the temple.

To visit Kereban Langit temple, visitors must follow the rules and procedures that apply in Hindu temples in general. Visitors must wear polite clothes that cover their genitals, and wear cloth and scarves as a sign of respect. Visitors must also cleanse themselves before entering the temple area, for example by asking for tirta pengelukatan from the priest who is there. Visitors must also maintain purity and peace of mind while in the temple, and not disturb the activities of worship or ceremonies that are taking place. Visitors are also prohibited from taking photos or recording videos inside the temple without permission from the priest of Kereban Langit temple.