Pura Pat Payung, known for its mystical tales.

Pura Pat Payung is a spiritual center with symbolic meaning in its name. History and legend enrich this island. Activities around the temple need to be accompanied by offerings as it is believed that there are ethereal entities. Serangan Island invites exploration of spirituality and the wonders of nature, enriching the soul through unique experiences.

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Oct 8, 2023 - 21:25
Pura Pat Payung, known for its mystical tales.
Pelinggih Pat Payung (Source Photo : Private Colletions)

Serangan Island, a hidden gem in Bali, captivates not only with its enchanting natural beauty but also holds mysteries and spiritual richness that invite curiosity. One of the places reflecting spirituality and faith is Pura Pat Payung. Hidden amidst the shrubs and facing east towards Serangan Beach, this temple has a long history depicting ancient wisdom.

The name "Pura Pat Payung" holds a profound symbolic meaning. It is believed to originate from 'Pat,' meaning four, and 'payung,' describing protection. This combination creates a symbolic interpretation: four directional shelters, encompassing east, west, north, and south. This explanation was conveyed by Jro Mangku Ketut Sudiarsa, illustrating how language and meaning can unite spirituality and direction into one entity.

The mystery is not only contained in its name but also in the history of Pura Pat Payung. Legend has it that the origin of the name "Pat Payung" stems from a war event between King Klungkung and King Karangasem. During the battle, King Klungkung's umbrella was thrown and fell on Serangan Island, where Pura Pat Payung stands today. Since then, this area has been known as Pat Payung.

Pelinggih Ratu Gede Dalem Nusa (Source Photo : Private Colletions)

Initially, Pura Pat Payung had only a simple shrine, but over time, it evolved into something more complex. It now includes the Meru Shrine, Dukuh Sakti Shrine, Dewa Pat Payung Shrine, and Gong Shrine. The addition of these shrines was guided by mystical signs or pawisik, including the placement of the Gong Shrine, which has its own intriguing story. The Gong group seeking charisma at Pura Pat Payung brings a magical ambiance that enriches the spiritual experience in this temple.

Pura Pat Payung is not just an ordinary place of worship; around it lies a mystical aura and metaphysical energy that make it more than just a tale. The area surrounding Pura Pat Payung is considered eerie, a gathering place for "wong samar" or ethereal entities. As the sun begins to set, the place emits a magical aura that creates a sense of awe among visitors. Blessing ceremonies and religious rituals are also frequently performed here, enriching the spiritual heritage passed down through generations.

Some people believe that in the vicinity of Pura Pat Payung in Serangan, it is prohibited to cut down trees. This is because the trees around the temple are believed to be the dwelling or home of "wong samar." "If violated, there will certainly be consequences," said the guardian of Pura Pat Payung, Jro Mangku Ketut Sudiarsa. Furthermore, he recounted that there was once a worker who cut down trees around the temple. Shortly after, he became possessed. Interestingly, the person possessed was a Dutch national because he was speaking in Dutch. After being given offerings and mantras by the guardian of Pura Pat Payung, the worker regained consciousness. Upon questioning, it turned out he had been cutting wood around the temple. Additionally, in Pura Pat Payung, it is believed to be a place to seek "taksu balian" or becoming a healer. Anyone wishing to become a healer will receive mystical guidance to meditate and seek "taksu balian" at this temple, precisely when seeking at the Ratu Dukuh Sakti shrine. Moreover, when engaging in activities around the temple, it is essential to make offerings or 'rarapan.' This is because "wong samar" will disturb our activities if offerings are not made.

It is said that there was a worker carrying heavy equipment, and when he was about to pass Pura Pat Payung, the equipment suddenly malfunctioned. "But the next day, after making offerings every morning, there were no more similar incidents, and his heavy equipment returned to normal as before," concluded Mangku Sudiarsa.

Pelinggih Pura Dalem Jawi (Source Photo : Private Colletions)

Pura Pat Payung on Serangan Island presents various magical stories and captivating spiritual richness. A relic like a betel leaf, found by Parapsychologist Ki Sambung Roso, creates friction with the metaphysical realm. This is how this place remains alive in history, illuminating the path for those who wish to explore the spiritual wonders of Serangan Island.

With its captivating natural charm and enthralling mysteries, Pura Pat Payung remains a spiritual destination delving into Bali's ancient traditions, upholding beliefs and rituals that hold profound meaning for the local community and curious visitors. Serangan Island offers the allure of both natural and spiritual wonders waiting to be unveiled.

In every spiritual journey, there are unrevealed wonders that connect humans to nature and the metaphysical. Serangan Island, with its Pura Pat Payung, provides this perspective, inviting us to explore the depths of ancient traditions and wisdom. With enchanting natural beauty and intriguing mysteries, the island is not just a tourist destination but also a spiritual journey enriching the soul. Amidst the shrubs and the roaring waves, we might find a balance between the seen and the unseen world, between what we perceive and what we feel in our hearts. Serangan Island opens the door to understanding that there is more than meets the eye, and therein lies the true magic, waiting to be unveiled.