The Cool and Beautiful Natural Charm of Yeh Hoo Waterfall

Yeh Hoo Waterfall is a waterfall located in Senganan village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, Bali which presents a beautiful natural view. Apart from the beautiful views, this waterfall is also an attraction for tourists who want to take photos or make videos.

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Dec 15, 2023 - 14:34
The Cool and Beautiful Natural Charm of Yeh Hoo Waterfall
The Cool and Beautiful Natural Charm of Yeh Hoo Waterfall

Yeh Hoo Waterfall is a waterfall located in Senganan Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, Bali which presents a beautiful natural view when you reach the center of the waterfall. This place is still in the Jatiluwih area, but has a natural charm that is no less beautiful than the rice fields in Jatiluwih. You will be pampered by the waterfall that flows freely from the top of the cliff and take a cool dip near the waterfall.

Yeh Hoo Waterfall (Photo Source: Own Collection)

The travel distance to get to Yeh Hoo waterfall took around 2 hours when I departed from Badung, if you live in Tabanan Regency it only takes 1 hour. When you arrive at the Jatiluwih entrance area, you usually pay an entrance fee to Jatiluwih of fifteen thousand rupiah per person for local tourists and forty thousand rupiah for foreign tourists.

The interesting of Yeh Hoo waterfall is that the road to get to Yeh Hoo waterfall is actually very close to the entrance at Jatiluwih, so when you have finished paying the entrance fee to Jatiluwih, to the right of the road there is an entrance to enter the waterfall.

However, the road to get to the waterfall is a road up where there are no roadblocks when passing the road to Yeh Hoo waterfall, so you need to be careful when exploring this road. But don't worry, this road can be accessed by motorbikes and small sedans so you can still take motorbikes or cars to the parking area provided by the officers who manage the waterfall.

When you are in the parking lot, you are asked to pay five thousand rupiah per person for motorbike riders and seven thousand rupiah per person for car drivers when you want to go down to enjoy the waterfall there.

Donation Sign for Yeh Hoo Waterfall (Source: Own Collection)

However, if you want to donate to the construction and maintenance of the access road to Yeh Hoo waterfall, you can donate voluntarily, but the costs vary depending on the type of tourist on holiday. For example, local and domestic tourists are charged three thousand rupiah for children and five thousand rupiah for adults. Meanwhile, foreign tourists are charged a donation price of five thousand rupiah for children and ten thousand rupiah for adults.

If you want to go to the waterfall area, you have to walk and go down the stairs one by one, because there are really a lot of stairs so tourists who don't have the strength to go down or up the stairs are advised to be careful when they want to go down the stairs there.

Step Path at Yeh Hoo Waterfall (Source: Own Collection)

After descending so many stairs, you will be rewarded when you reach the waterfall area. There is a rest area and changing room in the form of a hut containing three rooms, but it is not spacious.

Domestic and Foreign Visitors Near Yeh Hoo Waterfall (Source: Own Collection)

In the waterfall area there is the Yeh Hoo waterfall which flows so fast that it is a suitable place for bathing or taking pictures and videos, whether making videos for Instagram, Tiktok or YouTube, other social media content.

I also took the time to capture the moments at Yeh Hoo waterfall, starting from taking photos and making videos, both regular videos and slow motion videos. And the videos and pictures I took looked good when the weather was sunny, so they became memories of my trip to that place.

I also tried to feel the waterfall there, and it felt so refreshing. The feeling of the waterfall when I touched it was so cold, but cool from morning to evening. And also many people soak and capture the moment near Yeh Hoo waterfall.

Beautiful Spot of Yeh Hoo Waterfall (Source: Own Collection)

The sensation of the rushing waterfall and the beautiful and beautiful views add to the beauty of this waterfall. Of course, many people who see it are amazed by the view of Yeh Hoo waterfall in Penebel District.

When you want to linger at the waterfall, it's best not to go to the waterfall at night, this is because the officers in the Jatiluwih area finish their duties at five in the afternoon so tourists have to leave the waterfall before dark.

After you have finished going to the waterfall, don't forget to stop by the Yeh Hoo food stall which serves a variety of food and drinks when you want to rest after you have finished going to the waterfall. The stall is managed by a mother named Mrs. Purnama and her daughter.

Yeh Hoo Waterfall Stall (Source: Private Collection)

I was also curious about Yeh Hoo Waterfall, how popular it is for tourists who visit there. In the end, I asked a woman who was selling at a stall, and got a little information that Yeh Hoo waterfall had been standing since 2013, and there were students who also visited this waterfall too.

While chatting with the lady who ran the stall about the history of the Yeh Hoo waterfall, a gentleman continued the story, and the gentleman said, "usually tourists from Bali who visit this waterfall are mostly from the city of Denpasar. And a good day to visit this waterfall is on Sunday, because many people vacation at this waterfall on Sundays when they don't have any duties or work", said a man sitting at the shop.